Monday, May 16, 2011

    Inspiration for the new week 16.5.11

    {Photo:  the cover shot for the very first Domino magazine in Spring 2005,
    taken by Melanie Acevedo, featuring designer Ruthie Sommers.
    That settee in David Hicks' bright  La Fiorentina still makes me smile everytime I see it.}



    I just love Mark Twain. Such an inspirational man.


    loved that! always believe in you


    Just the thing I needed after a rather trying day!


    I want that settee.


    David - hope tonight is a bit better!

    SH - me too!!


    Productivity revolves around ambition :) And Mark Twain was one of the most productive men who ever lived.


    Aah Mark Twain, you've done it again!

    ...sorry, that may just have been a tad to Australian for common humour.. :)

    The quote is wonderful. As is the seatee!

    Have a lovely rest of the week.

    x Charlotta

    Cy @ Gianna Fair Trade said...

    That's a really beautiful inspiration. That is indeed true and I wish to share it to many women out there. Majority of society belittles women's capabilities but they have to be encouraged so that they can believe in their power to be great as individuals. Thanks for the inspiration. :)