Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Bright at home: Bobbie Burgers

    Bobbie Burgers' Okanagan home is a veritable feast for the eyes. With her own artwork as the focus throughout the space, one can't help but feel like you've walked into a spectacular garden of vibrant colour. A clean all white background throughout (Benjamin Moore Decorator's White) creates a gallery-like effect and adds a clean contrast to all the bright colour, and the perfect backdrop for Bobbie's beautiful art. 

    I remember first discovering Bobbie's work when I'd just moved back to Toronto a few years ago. I'd stumbled into the Bau Xi Gallery on a snowy afternoon, and the lush, oversized blooms in bright, saturated colours instantly transported me back to the middle of summer. I was in love, and have remained a fan of her work ever since.

    I love the strong statement of the bright yellow stove. It perfectly compliments the bright painting in the kitchen and adds a burst of unexpected colour. I love how confident Bobbie is with colour. While I absolutely love the yellow in this kitchen, I have to admit I'm often a little cowardly when it comes to this sort of colour statement and inevitably retreat to classic all-white or neutrals. This photo will have to serve as a reminder to myself to be a little more brave.

    I love that each room really is centred around the art. Here the pillows seem to have been selected by pulling colours straight from the painting featured behind.
    (what's going on with those two outside?)

     Between the beautiful art acting as a headboard and the cheery yellow blanket, you'd be guaranteed to wake up the sunshine every morning - no matter the weather outside.

    I can almost feel the warm breeze on this upper patio. The theme of crisp white with bright accents continues here and creates the feeling of a tropical retreat.

    {Photos: Kim Christie for Canadian House and Home, May 2009}



    Beautiful home and such beautiful writing. Love!


    so happy colors!


    Thank you DB xo!

    Caroline - I do think that yellow must be the most cheerful of colours.

    mydeco said...

    The rooms looks great bold and bright colours look great and centering each room around the art when choosing accessories is genius! Thanks for sharing these pics!

    Jelanie said...

    Such a lovely post! Thank you

    Zsa Zsa said...

    lovely!i really like the yellow blanket :)