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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Dreamy, creamy neutrals

    Generally it's customary to start the week off with a bang! and go for bold, bright colours to add a jolt of energy - today I'm craving a softer approach as I slowly ease myself into the week ahead...

    This simple, white bathroom becomes magic with a romantic lace panel.

    {Photo via WeHeartIt & {ThisisGlamourous}}

    Soft light and dreamy pastels have an ethereal, luminous effect.

    {Photo: Coco+Kelley}

    Soft pastels play against each other in this romantic bedroom in Martha Stewart's guest house.

    {Photo: Martha Stewart}

    Cupcakes that look like they were plucked right out of a jewelry box - far too pretty to eat!

    Just the prettiest stationery around - only happy things to be written in here.
    I've been coveting this for a while...

    {Photo: Nantaka Joy}

    Is there anything more lovely than full, fresh pink peonies? I can't think of anything at all...

    {Photo: Alicia Bock}

    Hope your day brings you a little bit of magic ...

    The perfect weekend retreat

    For an easy-going, relaxed weekend, Katrin Arens' beautiful
    country home would be the perfect tranquil retreat.

    Tall, sweepy willows over peaceful water. I can imagine just lying there
    listening to the water or the wind through the leaves.

    I love this rustic, open kitchen. The open shelves have a casual air and make you feel free to grab a mug and get yourself some tea, or help yourself to whatever goodies are on hand.

    The use of reclaimed wood throughout the space works well with the rustic, country setting and make you feel more in harmony with nature surrounding you.

    This beautiful space is open and airy and with rough exposed beams and ceiling to top it off. I'm helplessly drawn to all white interiors - there's something so serene and calming about them.

    Katrin has two young daughters who are likely the owners of these darling white dresses. They are so perfect in this space - the stylist, Daniela Cavestany, deserves extra credit for this. And up above - a modern, deconstructed chandelier.

    I would love to cozy up in this spot on a rainy day with a good book.
    I love watching rain stream down a window from indoors.

    The most perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

    I hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday...

    {Credits: Daniela Cavestany via Jordi Canosa}

    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Weekend Love...

    In honor of Ms Jane Birkin, I thought I'd set the romantic weekend tone with the {very sexy} song Je t'aime... Moi non plus.'

    Have a happy, lovely weekend!


    Perfect Weekend Style: Jane Birkin

    Relaxed summer weekends call for comfortable, effortless dressing,
    but that's no reason that it can't be chic and sexy as well.

    I love Jane Birkin's easy style - she always looks like she's on a romantic vacation. In the movie, Slogan, where she met her longtime love in real-life, Serge Gainsbourg, his character tells hers, "You look like holidays," - this reminds me of Jane in real life.

    It's no wonder that the muse behind the iconic Hermes Birkin bag would have a chic, timeless sensibility. Like the bag, her look is very simple but very well put together.

    British born Jane's adopted French lifestyle is evident in her style. She was often seen carrying around her trademark wicker basket. There's something quite pastoral and quaint about carrying around a basket.

    Simple, well-cut white t-shirt and jeans. Sexy platform wedges. Easy hair. Delicate, feminine jewelry. All the ingredients for the look of 'Jane Birkin, Saturday morning at the market'.

    {Photos 1,Flickr 2,3, 4, }

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Summer Party!

    Summer evenings are the perfect time to get outside and have fun with friends. The notion of the long summer evenings ahead of us got me thinking about a perfect summer

    Start if off right with a fabulous outdoor setting complete with lots of lounging space, lush greenery and of course, that extra spark provided by a firepit and lots of lanterns.


    Next we need to set the tone with some party tracks to set the night off right. To get an expert opinion, I've asked one of my very favourite DJs here in Toronto - M-Rock. Here is his list of 10 Summer tracks...

    1. Ain't No Fun - Snoop Dogg
    2. After Party - Koffee Brown
    3. Stevie Wonder - My Love is on Fire (Spinna remix)
    4. Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
    5. Summertime, Summertime - Nocera
    6. I'm In Love - Evelyn Champagne King
    7. Conductin' Thangs - Maestro Fresh Wes
    8. Summer Jam - Underdog Project
    9. Ciara - Love Sex and Magic (M-Rock's Detroit Tabla Mix)
    10. Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Instrumental) - Soulja Boy

    If you're in Toronto on June 6th, be sure to check out at the Gladstone Hotel. We've been to a few of M-Rocks parties here and we always have an amazing time and end up talking about it for ages afterwards. Great vibe and jam packed with all the tunes you forgot you were in love with along the way.

    Keep things moving with some fun party 'favors'. I love these jello shooters from Spring 09's Food & Drink magazine. These gorgeous, edible cocktails would score major style points, and are a fun, cool treat!{Photo:Food&Drink}

    Get the recipe for these lovely Sangria Bites here. Clever Brilynn has a lovely blog about all things delicious and had found them in Food & Drink then made them step by step.{Photo: Food&Drink}

    These Manhattan Drops have a fun, playful feeling - and add a fun punch of colour! Find Brilynn's recipe at her blog, Jumbo Empanadas.

    Some snacks, some drinks and some great company and you're set for a great night!

    Room of the week 29.5.09

    I love the easy elegance of this space. The gorgeous chevron floors contrast the soft, flowing fabric on the sofas. Easy neutral palette, and a touch of sparkle. The perfect place to spend the weekend.

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Vertical Gardens by Flora Grubb

    This is probably one of the most fantastic ideas I've seen in ages! These amazing pieces of botanical art are actually living, growing succulents planted and secured into a box frame that can be mounted on the wall.

    Created by Flora and Kevin, the duo behind Flora Grubb Gardens -specialty gardeners and suppliers of fine plants in San Francisco, CA. They were very inspired by the work of Patrick Blanc who is renowned for his beautiful lush garden walls. By framing the plants, they are much more conducive to a residential space, and the use of succulents makes them much lower maintenance and able to be used indoors as well.

    Especially in a small urban space, this would be the perfect way of bringing the outdoors in! The plants' light weight and ability to grow without soil allows them continue to thrive in this setting. The colours and texture in this new 'piece' by Kevin are amazing - they really are so rich and interesting. It's a piece of art you would never grow tired of!

    These would be perfect on a patio or, if you're lucky enough to have one, your own private courtyard complete with an outdoor bath like Flora's (below).

    Click here to learn more about Flora Grubb and be sure to follow Flora's lovely blog
    to learn more about their recent projects.

    {All photos: FloraGrubb via ElleDecorationSA}

    It's not too late..

    If you are in Toronto, be sure to get to get to the Junior League of Toronto Showhouse which, this year will be held at the McLean House and is benefitting the St Alban's Boys' and Girls Club and the Women and Baby's Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. It is the League's biggest fundraiser of the year and boasts some of Toronto's most prominent designers.

    "To support our community endeavours, every four to five years the Junior League of Toronto partners with Toronto's design community to present a Showhouse that is open to the public for three weeks. As our premier fundraising event, the Junior League of Toronto Showhouses have generated more than $1.6 million to benefit our community causes."

    Be sure to come on out, support a great cause and be wowed by the gorgeous spaces.


    Cool, clean, white...

    Sail away in a sumptuous sea of white, with this gorgeous space - available for rent - by famed photographer Paul Massey.

    There are too many things I love about this space - but in keeping with it's clean, simple theme I thought I'd say the minimum and leave you to enjoy!

    {All photos: PaulMassey}

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    {This will melt your heart}

    I just read this story on Made by Girl and now I'm all choked up...

    "We rescued Bradley from the shelter last night, and today I took him to a neurologist.

    The doctor had only sad news for Bradley...

    We agreed he should go to sleep and not suffer this severe hydrocephalus. (as you can see, his head is weirdly shaped due to a lot of fluids in his head / brain).

    I didn't want to let him go yet, so from the vet I took Bradley to the beach, I sat with him, played with him, and I fed him many cheeseburgers and fried chicken.

    We sat there for two hours, and after that I took him to the vet's office right on the beach, and he went to sleep forever :-(

    It was such a sad day... I cried like a baby for this little guy. Even now when I am typing these words, tears are coming to my eyes..."

    Thanks Jen for sharing this story. This comes from an except from a wonderful book written by Audrey and Eldad Hagar who have fostered hundreds of dogs over the years and now run Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization in Los Angeles. They have written this book 'to remember all the animals they had shared great memories with.' All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly toward helping animals. Please click here to learn more about their organization and buy a book! - it's the least we can do for our lovely little companions who give us so much and want so little in return...

    {Photos: MadebyGirl via DesiretoInspire}

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Michael Penney, The Bargain Hunter

    Speaking of the talented Michael Penney - he is this month's 'cover boy' at Canadian House and Home. A big part of Michael's genius comes from his ability to scout out bargains and with a little retro-fitting and DIY savvy, create fabulous, chic space.

    I was very inspired by so many of Michael's clever ideas - like the kitchen pegboard (above). I currently like in a cute apartment with the world's smallest kitchen (trust me, I've checked) - I'm constantly trying to find ways to maximize on storage - this just might do the trick... I also love Michael's woven basket - it has inspired me to go to my mum's and steal one of hers :) - I meant borrow...

    I love that he chose open cupboard spaces - with a great collection of eclectic dinnerware, why keep it all locked up inside cupboards?

    Ah - the charm of a claw foot tub. The open wall mounted unit was a vintage find that Michael found and sprayed it black to anchor the space. Michael says that he chose the polka-dot shower curtain because of it's 'quirky Kate Spade vibe', I agree - it's charming.

    A beautiful light filled space and indoor plants would be the perfect spot to relax on the chaise with a good book or a lovely cup of tea. The lamp (above, right) was a Value Village find.

    The bold brown and white stripes pack some punch. The beautiful moulded headboard is actually made from panels of a vintage door.

    Find out more of Michael's clever tips in this month's issue of Canadian House and Home
    - and be sure to look up his blog at House and Home online.

    {All Photos: Angus Fergusson, CanadianHouseandHome June'09}

    Fabulous Finds: Chevron Rugs

    There's nothing I love more than a great bargain, and unfortunately it seems there's also nothing I love more than high-end designer styles. So I love when I'm able to marry these two and find a great compromise between both! I've loved the bold, graphic style of Madeleine Weinrib's black and white chevron rug for some time now. {See below}

    So I was excited to see that West Elm has their own version of this classic style:

    Be sure to get it quickly as unfortunately it seems that this style is soon to be discontinued...
    Check your local store for current stock

    Thank you to Michael from Canadian House and Home for this Fabulous Find!

    Lately I've been craving...

    A shot of aqua!

    Refreshing and unexpected, it instantly cheers up any spot you find it in...

    {1-AbsolutelyBeautifulThings, 2-Monsoon, 3-Domino,
    4-ElementsofStyle, 5-Domino, 6-AbsolutelyBeautifulThings}

    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Happy Weekend from Javier!

    Hope you do something fun!

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Room of the Week 22.5.09

    I love this amazing fantasy space - how fun is this?! I'm having visions of one of my all time favourite movie homes, the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. I would love to have a space like this at the side of a cottage. The area above would be peaceful retreat for yoga or reading, or a fabulous escape for drinks and a meal with friends, then lounging on the suspended seating area below. Blissful.

    {Photo: }

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