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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Just the prettiest cupcakes...

    Aren't these just the prettiest cupcakes ever? These laser cut cupcake wrappers dress up your tasty treats for special occasions. With themes for almost any holiday you can imagine and the option to customize, you can take your next event to the next level with extra special attention to detail.

    P.S. If you're in Toronto, order your cupcakes from Desmond & Beatrice.

    {All photos: Paper Orchid discovered at Aubrey Road}

    Pretty in peony pink

    It's a familiar routine - every year right around this time, once again we fall madly in love with fresh, plush ruffled up peonies. Unabashedly feminine and definitely romantic, these certainly must be the prettiest of flowers. With large, oversized blooms and heady, intoxicating scent they seem to be an extravagance of nature. A bountiful celebration of life and beauty.


     It's no wonder that traditionally they have been symbols of romance and prosperity. In traditional Feng Shui, peonies are said to attract romantic luck. Single girls should place them in their homes to attract romantic love, and married couples can use them to ensure their union remains harmonious and prosperous. To maximize their effect, place them in the south-west corner of your home. When fresh peonies aren't available, paintings or prints of the blooms will have the same effect. Find some beautiful peony photos by Kristy Bee on Etsy.

    Of course, all the romance associated with peonies make them an absolutely perfect choice for weddings. You just need a few blooms to create a beautifully lush and full bouquet - or carry on the theme by using them as the prettiest cake topper.

    No matter how you choose to enjoy them - feel free to get carried away with the romance and feminine indulgence of the prettiest flower of all.


     {Photos: 1,4- Danske on Flickr, 2 - Martha Stewart, 3- Roxycakes}

    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    Happy sunny weekend!

    Hope you've all had a lovely week - it's been beautifully sunny here, the peonies are coming out and life just seems a little better :)

    Here are a few fun weekend links :

    - Bringing summer inside couldn't be simpler with this easy DIY
    - The coolest Circus themed kid's bedroom (complete with ferris wheel toy storage :) )
    - Beach please! Classic beachy portraits.
    -Put all those fresh strawberries to use and make something delicious, like this.
    - Sex and the City - who's going this weekend? If you've already been, what did you think??

    Have a happy weekend everyone!

    {Photo: via Wide Open Spaces}

    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Poster Cabaret: Blanca Gomez

    I love these sweet + simple posters by Blanca Gomez for Poster Cabaret. Their charming style reminds me of an old French text book I used to have - suddenly I'm flooded with memories of conjugating verbs and singing silly songs. I think they'd be just perfect for a children's bedroom - or a grown up office.
    'Monsieur II'


    'The Magician'

    {Images: Blanca Gomez for Poster Cabaret}

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Swedish summer whites

    Always drawn in by crisp Swedish whites, but especially at this time of year they just seem so refreshing. The perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate and melt away all the summer grime. I think what makes Swedish whites so approachable and appealing to me is the mix of a crisp white base with lots of art and antiques, rather than a modernist approach to white which can sometimes seem too stark or sterile. Pickled white floors, romantic chandeliers and a beautiful collection of antiques, this place is a dreamy haven of a retreat.

    These Swedish corner fireplaces draw me in every time - I may have to re-locate just to get my hands on one!

    Love the 'all -different' white dining chairs.

    ...check out the original tour at Skona Hem - doesn't the (stunning) lady of the house look remarkably like Elin Woods?

    P.S - more Swedish gems here and here.

    {Photos: Marie Eriksson for SkonaHem}

    A little post-wedding tennis + a pretty yellow dress

    As much fun as it is to get all fancy, I think that laid-back, casual weddings are my favourite. For this bride and groom, it really was all about fun and games - a bit of croquet and even a tennis match after the ceremony. I want to go to this wedding! What initally caught my eye though, was the soft yellow dress wore by the maid of honour (below). Not only did the bride make her own beautiful lace and linen gown, but she also made the bridesmaid dresses too! Clever, talented people like this make me simultaneously inspired and completely jealous.

    {Photos: by Glen Allsop via OnceWed}

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    A bright + sunshiny day!

    A very late start after the long weekend, still struggling to stay indoors with such beautiful weather. It makes you wish you could bottle up a little bit of sunshine to save for a rainy day. A busy day and a flurry of activity ahead but for now
    - wishing you a bright + happy day filled with sunshine!

    {Photos: 1- House+Home via dress,design,decor, 2,3- Kari Herer on etsy, discovered at design*sponge, 4- DIY ideasvia CarrieCan}

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    A long weekend here presents a beautiful array of possibilities...
    hope your brings you the very best!

    Here are some places to go, things to see with the extra bit of time to make your weekend even better....

    - a very favourite snack, inspired by a favourite Cuban cafe (You simply have to try this one!)
    - very fun + clever DIY project - Samantha's faux suzani pillows
    - she already has the cutest flower shop in the city, now the most adorable pet! I ♥ him!
    -bring Spring wherever you go with this beautiful blooming necklace
    -isn't it romantic? the seemingly long-lost art of love letters

     Thanks for all your great category suggestions, keep sending your favourite blogs to include!
    + most importantly - have a beautiful, beautiful weekend everyone!

    {Photo: source unknown}

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    What are you reading?

    I'm currently working updating my blog layout and adding lots more links broken down into different categories. Some of the ones I've included so far:

    DIY ideas
    Green living
    Events + Weddings
    Style + Fashion
    Food + Entertaining
    and of course, lots more interiors and decorating ideas!

    I'd love to know, what are some of your favourites in any of these categories? Any fun new (or old!) ones to share? Or any categories you'd like to include?

    Thanks in advance for the input. Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

    {Photo: Kate Spade via Fiddlesticks and Funny Girls}

    Barely there...

    ... and speaking of lovely lucite.

    I love how harmoniously this dining room blends with the surrounding outdoors. Almost as if it's speaking quietly so as not to interrupt. The intricately detailed cabinet almost looks like a big forsythia bush in full bloom. The art glass pairs perfectly with the clear acrylic stools.


    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Lovely lucite findings...

    I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself at the moment - just came home with two new lucite and chrome folding chairs very similar to these ones (below). And what's better - I found them at my local Goodwill for $8! I think they'll look lovely paired with my previous find - a vintage oval teak dining table.


    Now the question I have is - should I pair them with other clear chairs - perhaps a pair of clear acrylic Louis XVI ghost armchairs and some clear Eames Eiffel based chairs, OR a beautiful mix of all different chairs like Amy Larocca did in her dining room (below). What do you think?


    {Photos: 1- Blueprint Magazine, originally scanned by dress, design, decor, edited by escapade; 2- Max Kim-Bee for Domino magazine, May 2009, via The City Sage}

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    For the love of lilacs...

    Lilacs are absolutely one of my most favourite things about Spring - from their intoxicating fragrance, to the most gorgeous range of my favourite shades of colour - ranging from a deep violet blue, to a pale, dusty pink to a rich shades of magenta and heliotrope - and all the delightful shades in between. They say scent has the strongest link to memory and for me, lilacs just bring back beautiful memories of waking up late to the sound of the rain at the window and a soft breeze carrying the most delicious, delicate scent; going for long romantic Spring walks in New York, gathering little bouquets from street side vendors and stealing kisses under the umbrella...









    (the very best kisses are from the one who loves you most in the whole world...)

    {Photos: 1- Amy Neunsinger, 2- Tracy Hughs on Flickr, 3- via Meet Me in Milan, 4 - Kristy Bee, 5- Marie Claire Maison via Aubrey Road, 6- Imagemakercan on Flickr, 7- Hans Blomquist via thisisglamorous, 8,10- the talented Rosie Hardy on Flickr, 9- MarieClaireMaison}

    So sorry about my scarcity around the web lately, have been a little under the weather and out of sorts. Thank you all for your messages! Feeling so much better - ready to drink in the lilacs and can't wait to sit down later with a big cup of tea and a few moments to catch up on all your lovely blogs.

    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Weekend wishes to you...

    ... a quiet morning with sun streaming through the windows, a bit of reprieve from the busy-ness of the week and a few quiet moments to gather your thoughts, catch up with favourite books and a bit of music, alone with your thoughts and dreams.





    {Apologies for the late posts and delayed replies this week, was a little under the weather + weighted down by a little project I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you soon...}

    Hope you've all had a beautiful weekend!

    *P.S - a reminder - don't forget to enter the Davina + Daniel photography give-away!

    {Photos: Carla Bruni photographed by Barat Sikka}

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Airy geometrics

    I'm quite drawn to sharp, architectural geometrics lately - they stood out right away in these favourite spaces from Pamplemousse Design, so I was thrilled to see them here again in Geo Side table from West Elm. Otherwise known as the newest item on my current wishlist. I love its light, airy, sculptural quality. Impactful yet quiet.




    {Photos: 1,3- Pamplemousse Design; 2- Geo Side table, West Elm}

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    Photography give-away from Davina + Daniel

    Very excited to announce the newest give-away here, from a new favourite photography duo - Davina + Daniel. Apart from being one of the most adorable couples around, Davina and Daniel are incredibly talented wedding photographers based in Montreal. This year, in an attempt to escape the cold Montreal winter, they set out on a two month road trip across the United States hitting all the must-see spots and taking photos all along the way (see their journey here).

    New Orleans


    New Mexico

    (had to include this little California cutie, he has an under bite just like Javi!)

    Arizona canyons

    White sands of New Mexico

    The beautiful Pacific coast

    and here they are, the cute couple themselves!

    Now back at home, they're very excited to launch their new etsy shop, featuring some of the beautiful photographs from their recent trip. They've been kind enough to offer one 8 x 12 photo of your choice, from their etsy shop and all you have to do is visit their shop, then leave a comment below, saying which one you'd pick...

    This contest is open to all readers, the winner will be drawn at random and notified after Monday, May 17th. If you don't have a blog, or contact email on your blog, please be sure to include an email address for notification. Share this give-away on Facebook or Twitter then leave an another comment below to let me know you did, for an additional entry.

    Good luck everyone!

    (P.S - whoever wins, I'm jealous - I am completely in love with the white sands photographs, I'd love a giant one in my bedroom...)

    ** Update: The give-away winner was Raru from 79 Ideas - can't wait to see which one she picks...

    {All photos by Davina + Daniel}

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