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    It’s a circus out there…

    April 8, 2009 by alifemorefabulous

    How about a little mid-week fun?

    Sometimes life, and even decor can be a little too serious - why not add a much needed sense of humour to your space with a some circus inspired tricks and games!


    Lights, camera, action! A theatrical tripod lamps sets the stage for some drama…


    Hats off to the Big Top! - I love this whimsical display of bowlers and the comedy vases, complete with a yellow unicycle. (Mind you, all jokes would be on me if I tried to ride the unicycle…)


    Show off your inner show girl with dressing space made for a Big Top diva - I love this bright, frilly petticoat.


    ‘He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze’… fantastic circus inspired wallpaper.

    How about a topsy-turvy tea party - with this service set you won’t know if you’re coming or going…

    {All above photos from LivingEtc}

    Now for my favourite part … I love these whimsical cut out prints! - they make me smile just to see them. Karl Johnson is the amazing silhouette artist.


    Each of these amazing prints were originally hand cut out of archival art paper using surgical scissors - the detail on these is absolutely exquisite! - and only $25 a print!


    Initially I thought of these as a great gift for a child’s bedroom - but what room wouldn’t gain a much needed sense of fun from these? I can totally see the hippo in the bathroom…


    So go on - have a little fun today!

    {Pictures from}

    Chasing rainbows…

    April 6, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    Amazing - these Rainbow Brite inspired fields are filled with tulips in full bloom. Every May the Northern Netherlands erupts into a sea of colour as they prepare for their busy season, exporting over two billion blooms around the world.


    Like a rainbow though, the phenomenon is short-lived, the season will be over and the fields will be re-purposed for other crops… until next year!


    It’s a rainy day here in Toronto, but wherever you find yourself I hope your day brings you a rainbow - and if all else fails, treat yourself to a bunch of tulips!


    Happy Monday!

    {Images: Daily Mail via Elle Decoration SA; Flickr}

    A Spring Romance… with Nate Berkus

    April 5, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    Ah Spring - the perfect time to fall or be in love… J Crew’s new Spring collection was a sea of gorgeous creamy pastels with shots of colour - just divine. It also brought back memories of when I first fell in love - with Nate Berkus.


    The Spring 2004 issue of O at Home magazine featured Nate’s makeover of single mom Jenny Lumet’s apartment. On a side note, Jenny is the writer of the movie ‘Rachel Getting Married’, which I still haven’t but can’t wait to see.


    I fell in love with this beautiful space the second I saw it. The colour palette is perfection and I just love all the beautiful personal touches, that are so artfully displayed.


    I love the bright, punchy shots of citrus-y colour in the gorgeous chaise and the orange framed mirror.


    I love how Nate used her personal objects - from a charming drawing by her son, to personal heirlooms and family photos. The beautiful clean lines of the Saarinen table balance a tablescape full of lovely personal treasures.


    Jenny looks just delighted to see her new space, I would too! I just love her outfit too, she looks like she walked right out of the J Crew Spring shoot. I love the leather handles on this beautiful console, it’s strong black really grounds a space that’s primarily white and very airy. The placement of the black and white family photo is just perfect.


    I love the light blue-grey dining chairs - and what better to offset them than a Dior Saddle bag?


    I just love the white cabinets with the pale blue interiors - I was just thinking the other day that I would love to do precisely this in my own kitchen, it would go perfectly with my dinnerware. Nate’s palette is continued with the all white dinnerware with some bright, colourful pieces for fun.

    This apartment just felt perfect for spring - I love the blue hydrangeas

    {Images: J Crew, Nate Berkus, Corbis}

    Room of the week

    April 3, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    I just love this cozy little reading nook high above the living room. It’s like a secret haven. I think I would have had loads of fun up there when I was younger… and still would.


    I love the high ceilings and beautiful windows in this space - beautiful!

    Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you take the chance to give yourself an escape from monotony!

    {Photo from Domino Deco Files}

    Escapism - The Oberoi Udaivilas

    April 3, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    Going through all the gorgeous pictures of The Fall got me fantasizing about a luxurious, exotic vacation. What better cure than The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipour, India. I’ve always had a fascination with traditional Indian architecture and this luxurious getaway features private suites and courtyards where you enjoy palatial architecture and luxurious amenities.


    Originally an Indian palace, it is filled with rambling courtyards, beautiful fountains and pools , and traditional domes and pavilions. The interiors feature decorative Frescoes and intricate mirror work.


    The holistic spa features a private pool overlooking the lake - what an amazing way to relax and unwind in awe of the beauty around you. You can also take advantage of private meditation, yoga and Pranayam sessions with a resident Yoga teacher. That’s exactly what I need right now…


    While visiting there why not take the opportunity to explore some of the amazing historic architecture, maybe even some from The Fall!


    For more amazing photos and even virtual tours visit their website.

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    A visual delight - The Fall the movie

    April 1, 2009 by alifemorefabulous

    I was absolutely blown away with the visual wonder that is ‘The Fall‘. Full of romance, intrigue and adventure, Tarsem Singh’s masterpiece will sweep you away to far off lands and win you over with it’s charming story.


    Set in a Los Angeles hospital in the early 1920s, a heartbroken (and maybe body-broken) stuntman strikes up a friendship with a fellow patient, the most adorable little Romanian girl named Alexandria, and proceeds to tell her a fantastical “epic of love and revenge”. As the story proceeds, their world at the hospital becomes blended with exotic fantasy.


    Set in over eighteen countries - South Africa, India, Namibia and Argentina, just to name a few, it captures the imagination with an amazing combination of gorgeous natural and architectural wonders combined with amazing costumes.

    There was an incredible amount of attention paid to each detail. What a gorgeous shot! (above), from the silhouette of the car to the two combatant characters set against an architectural wonder - each scene plays out like a work of moving art.


    Just one of the amazing shots. I love the details of this costume, this head-dress is just exquisite.


    Each scene I kept thinking - I have to go there! and there! and there! - each location seemingly more beautiful than the last…


    Wow - this place looks like an Escher puzzle - unbelievable that it actually exists in real life!


    A magical scene with the main characters in this gorgeous round courtyard surrounded by scores of spinning Sufi dancers.

    I could go on - go watch it for yourself and let me know what you think!

    {All photos from}

    Tip Top Taler - beautiful tiles by Xenia Taler

    April 1, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    Xenia Taler’s beautiful tiles are the perfect remedy for the ceramic duldrums. Bright, cheerful and full of imagination no doubt they would be the focal point of an space you put them in. Xenia and partner Steven Koblinsky work together to create these beauties with Xenia designing the tiles and Steven creating the clay and glazes.


    I believe that what makes these tiles so extra special is their philosophy behind their product. Their mission is to create beautiful pieces of art that make you smile and that have the quality and longevity to be treasured and handed down for years to come…


    Not in need of a renovation? They make wall hanging tiles that come with grooves for hanging as well as cork on the bottom and are suited to withstand heat so you can use them as coasters and trivets.


    I’m not the only one who was taken with Xenia - here she is in Domino’s very first issue!


    Xenia and Steve create their brand of magic from their Toronto studio but you can find their products at retailers across the United States and online as well. Intrigued? Check out more beautiful creations at their website - one of their tiles would be the perfect way to ’spring up’ your space!

    {all images from Xenia Taler}

    A Good Reason to stay in bed… Rubie Green Bedding

    March 31, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    It was lovely to wake up early this morning and enjoy a cup of tea in the spring sunshine. It would have been harder if I had been in the lovely new bedding from Rubie Green. Michelle Adams started Rubie Green with the premise of creating eco-friendly textiles with classic prints and patterns. The result - simply beautiful.


    The new bedding is available in (l to r) Tillinghast, Habibi, Classis and East Village. The East Village is so pretty and modern all at once - very feminine, with a bit of an edge. Unfortunately I don’t know if Andrew would go for pink. Luckily, I’m really loving the Habibi too!


    I love the caption for the Habibi - so cute!

    ‘It’s the balance of the room that falls off kilter when he’s gone, and the way it instantly rights itself when his keys jingle the lock. It’s butterflies that still haven’t ceased in taking flight, and the way he seems to know exactly what’s on your mind. After all, he is your beloved; he is your habibi.’


    Settle into a good book and lovely linens - sounds perfect!

    For more information on Rubie Green click here - and be sure to check out Michelle’s fantastic blog - M.A. Belle :)

    {All photos from Rubie Green and Aphrochic via Flickr}


    March 30, 2009 by alifemorefabulous

    Javier had been bugging us all week to take some nice new photos of him. He kept posing around the apartment, so finally we caved. He was too adorable (obviously I’m very biased), so I had to share!



    We’re serious about raw hide.

    A Lovely Sunday in Spring…

    March 29, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    Hope you enjoyed your weekend and maybe even had a chance to go for a long walk…

    The style and colour scheme of this outfit translates perfectly to Jessie Randall’s living room.

    {Photo: J Crew}

    Fabulous spaces - Jessie Randall

    March 29, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


    While feeling rather Domino deprived, I’ve been wanting to go back to some of my very favourite Domino moments. Hands down, one of my most favourite ones was the lovely Brooklyn home of designing duo Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy of Loeffler Randall. Having seen their amazing shoes and bag, it’s no surprise that their savvy style would translate into their home.


    I love the bright white moulding and accents, and neutral colour scheme. The gorgeous, gilded wallpaper provides peachy pop of colour and a little bit a glamour. The ‘ For Like Ever’ poster sold out shortly after the 2006 article in Domino - get the look at one of my favourite Etsy stores, Made By Girl (while you’re there check out her other amazing prints), or get the original by Village here.


    ‘Deeply Madly in Love’ by Made By Girl


    The desk is of course, West Elm’s Parson Desk, it’s clean, understated profile makes it blend perfectly into any space. The beautiful accessories make it more personal and prevent it from ever looking generic. I love the glass dome and the lovely bud vases filled with full blossoms.

    glassdomebirdI love these little Glass Domed Birds from Pier 1 - at only 5 inches tall they would be perfect on a desk (mentally adding it to my wish list…)


    The cork lamp base provides a perfect venue for a small rotating display of beautiful, sentimental items - be it photo booth strips or a beautiful brooch, as seen here, or whatever you like… Make your own cork based lamp with these simple steps by Kate via Design Sponge.


    I love the pop of colour from the green Overlapping Squares Chairs from West Elm. I love the gallery wall in the dining room, it give it such a personal, lived-in feeling. Plus, life’s too short - why limit yourself to just one piece of art per space! It’s a perfect place to display personal photos and smaller pieces of art. For Jessie’s very personal touch of a paper sillouette (of yourself, a loved one or a pet), have your own made here.

    Love Jessie’s style? Want to copy it in your space, or think you already have? Take some pictures of your space and enter at Elements of Style for a chance to win a copy of the .

    {All photos from Domino September 2006}

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