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    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Gems in the post...

    Can't think of much more glamorous way to end your day than receiving beautiful jewels in the post. Always a lover of crafty paper projects and stationery, I was completely blown away by these exquisite and very clever greeting cards by D-Bros stationery in Japan, discovered by oh joy! on her recent trip to Kyoto. After savouring the surprise of receiving one of these, they'd be beautiful hung on the wall as art as well.

    {Photos: de de ce discovered at oh joy!}

    The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

    I've been a huge fan of Sharon Montrose's adorable animal photography since I discovered it some time ago. Clean, simple white backgrounds to show off the most adorable creatures you've ever seen. They'd be just perfect in a baby's room - or for anyone with a strong appreciation for all things cute.

    This little one would be perfect for a lovely friend who recently visited from New Zealand and was quite disappointed not to have been able to spot a raccoon.

    P.S. Sharon - I vote you photograph a baby elephant next! :)

    {All photos by Sharon Montrose}

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    A white loft

    A rather tardy start to the week - but all for a good cause. I've been busy, busy with projects around the house. One of which is finally painting the main rooms in shades of white and the palest grey. Finding the perfect white paint can be quite a challenge - so many different undertones that can change the whole way the light is cast in a space. Researching inspirational white spaces I found this beautiful loft in Chinatown, New York. 

    The home serves as the live/work space of stylist Laurent Laborie and his partner Carl, an artist. Light, airy and full of personal charm. I think my favourite thing were these beautifully styled floating white shelves.

    And an unexpected burst of colour!

    {Photos: Home of Stylist Laurent Laborie via Apartment Therapy}

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Finally Friday ! { + happy weekend!}

    While Friday snuck up on my last week, this week it seems it just couldn't come quickly enough!

    A busy weekend ahead, we have big painting plans, helping my sister move and a fun little outing for authentic Neopolitan pizza (best pizza in the city), definitely a fun agenda but right now I'm kind of wish I could be lounging on an outdoor bed with this little guy at Jake's in Jamaica.

    What are you all up to? Any fun plans?

    Some fun links to check out this weekend:

    - if you're in the city, you must check out this exhibit - the mineral paintings by Carly Waito look incredible.
    - Ally shares some of her favourite moments from her recent trip to Rio! (so jealous...)
    - seeing them outside everywhere, now indoors too - little pops of orange
    - very pretty postage  (perfect for love letters)
    - the hairstyle to try this autumn -'Heidi' braids - get instructions here

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

    {Photo: Noe Dewitt for Travel and Leisure, Dec '06 scanned + edited by escapade}

    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    Bringing the outdoors in...

    I love when interiors can mirror their surrounding natural beauty and simply seem like an extension of the outdoors. The beautiful home in southern Australia has the most perfect view - wide open skies, bright aquamarine blue water (and peaking through the clouds) punctuated with dark rocks and lush greenery.

    Indoors feels equally expansive with white walls and high ceilings. The soft taupe tiled floors mimic the sand on the beach and bright blue photograph of water looks wet in its glass frame. And of course, windows, windows everywhere letting even more of the outside in.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Bag lust: Phoebe Philo for Celine

    The Classic Box bag by Phoebe Philo for Celine is just perfect. It's been called the new 'Birkin' and it's easy to see why - a simple, elegant classic that's thoroughly modern and highly covetable. Functional, beautiful and completely timeless. I'll now have to consider myself one of a growing number of 'Philo-philes' who admire Phoebe's classic minimalist style.

    {Photos:1 - Tommy Ton for, 2-5 Jak & Jil}

    Pretty pieces in white + gold

    I've always loved these simple white and gold pieces by Chicago artist and designer Susan Dwyer for her studio Up in the Air Somewhere. Strikingly simple with a crude, raw feeling constrasted with a glimpse of glamour in rich gold accents. 
    Always find myself coming back to this combination...

    { more white + gold:  here, here and here.}

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Style profile: Carolyn Quartermaine

    Artist and designer Carolyn Quartermaine's home in the south of France is a laid back retreat fit for a modern day bohemian princess. The space is light-filled and open with the walls and floors bathed  in soft washed neutral tones that create a serene background. Ornate, nostalgic details - antique French furniture and chandeliers are posed against the casual, low slung furniture with a few mid century modern pieces mixed in giving an eclectic casual look that is modern yet timeless. Delicate antique lace panels and Carolyn's own delicate floral fabrics diffuse the light throughout the home and give a soft, warm glow.

    Little shots of bright pink and yellow infuse a sense of energy and playfulness and prevent it from becoming 'too beige'.

    Unapologetically feminine and very romantic - delicate pink floral panels add such a warmth to her all-white studio.

    Pink florals, obviously a favourite of Carolyn's, appear throughout the home in beautiful full blooms and in a handpainted mural in Carolyn's bathroom.

    The lace panel acts as a canopy above the bed, held back by a single branch. I love this natural, rustic element against the delicate lace and crystal chandelier.

    {Images: 1,2 7-10 Didier Mahieu for Australian Vogue Living, January 2005 via moodboard  3,6 - Jacques Dirand for Elle Decoration, October 2003 via moodboard, edited by escapade, 4,5 James Merrell for Wohnen Decoration, edited by escapade}

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    New York, New York...

    It doesn't seem like many weekends ago I was off in New York with my sister, roaming the streets, exploring favourite boutiques and thrift shops, enjoying impromptu picnics and pedicures, picking up little treasures, sharing stories and trying to soak in as much as New York as we could in those few spare hours. New York will always hold a special place in my heart, for me it will always be the city bursting with exciting possibilities, memories of long walks, quiet moments and falling in love...

    To Pixie - thank you for sharing this little adventure with me, you're always one of my favourite people in the world to explore with. Here's to our many adventures ahead!

    {All photos taken by escapade, august 2010}

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Happy weekend!

    For some reason I was convinced it was Thursday, so realizing at last that it was actually Friday was an especially delightful surprise. This weekend shows no signs of slowing down - a busy working Saturday followed by a lovely little soiree with favourite people, and hopefully finishing a few little projects I've been working on at home. 

    How about you? What are your weekend plans? Whatever they are, hope you take the chance to kick of your heels and laugh a little...

    Here are some lovely links to enjoy over the weekend:

    (one of my weekend projects)
    - completely fascinating - an array of vintage letterheads from some names you might know...
    (one of my favourites, unsurprisingly, Charles & Diana circa 1987)
    - Stuck at home? Let your thoughts wander off to far off places through these beautiful photographs of Paris, London, Italy and New York
    - Print is not dead! Brand new shelter magazine headed to a newstand near you - Anthology. See a preview here.
    - one of my all-time favourite movies (especially in Autumn) When Harry met Sally

    Wishing you a happy, care-free weekend! 

    {Photos: Alexi Lubomirski for Harper's Bazaar, Feb '09 via Miss at la Playa}

    Introducing Rue!

    The brand new Rue magazine just launched yesterday amidst a great amount of excitement online. Created by some of our favourite bloggers - Crystal, Anne, Caitlin and Alaina. So proud of my fellow bloggers for making this dream a beautiful reality. 

    Rue is jam packed with loads of inspiration and even includes free stationery downloads in this premier issue. One of my favourite spaces featured was the home of Victoria Smith (see below), better known to us online as sfgirlbybay, an established stylist whose modern bohemian style is refreshing, imaginative and personal. 

    Visit Rue to see more of this space. Another favourite of mine - founder Crystal's own Chicago bachelorette pad. Simply edited in soft neutrals she shows us that sometimes the first step to a chicer space may just be a trip to your local thrift shop.
    Enough from me - go visit Rue!

    {All photos: Tim Water for Rue magazine}

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