Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Big dreams + Bright colours

    Something I've started to do recently, is carry a 'Little book of Big Dreams'. I truly believe that you can accomplish anything you set your heart and mind to, and this is a wonderful way to keep track of growth, progress or sometimes even a change in direction. If you've never tried it you really should, the results can be simply miraculous. I keep a Little book of Little Dreams too,  trying to capture those fleeting moments of inspiration and pay attention to those little details or changes that can sometimes make all the difference.

    Just as drinking plain water out of a beautiful glass can really elevate the experience, I think that beautiful writing instruments and notebooks can make any simple note taking a little more inspired.

    I love these bright picks from Kate's Paperie. I'd take one of these
    little notebooks in every colour!



    So agree- I've started doing this and have a pretty little pink book-would love an equally beautiful pen too!!


    I like this idea. Love the colors.


    I remember my first time in Kates paperie, I literally got lost..I wouldn't leave and spent hours and hours......just mesmerized by all the offerings....what a fun great store!! Love all the choices, how fun. I love your idea, great colors!


    i do that too! its really helpful. (love the pens by the way!)

    Anonymous said...

    Beautiful comments and analogies. Great ideas of inspiration.

    South of Market said...

    We completely agree about the pretty writing instruments and notebooks! We feel the same way about good-looking desk and office accessories -- the more appealing your get-up is, the more inclined you are to want to work!!