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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    Finnish fancy

    I love the contrast between traditional and modern in this bright open kitchen in Helsinki. Despite it's buttery yellow walls, I feel this space looks quite airy and a little cold (quite Finnish). The ghost chairs have an almost icy effect, especially against the white floor.



    {Photos: via Desire to Inspire}

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Night + Day

    I'm always fascinated by the effect of lighting on a space. It has such an impact on the mood and how you'll be able to use the room. Sometimes I feel that certain rooms or colours look better at a certain time of day. Right now my main entrance hall is a warm yellow, which I think looks beautiful and welcoming at night, but during the day just seems too... yellow.
    I love how this space transitions so beautifully from day to night - bright open and airy by day, but at night, cozy and sultry. Both simply stunning, and the perfect blend of indoors and out.



    See more of this beautiful home here. One of my favourite features
    - the beautiful African stone sculptures.

    {Photos: Shoot Factory}

    Coming + Going

    I love the back details on the dresses in the new under.ligne collection - so your exit can be just as impressive as your entrance. A little bit of extra interest in these comfortable, breezy styles you're guaranteed to live in all summer long.




    {Photos: under.ligne via loveology}

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    An origami tablescape

    I am always fascinated by paper crafting and the art of origami, so this beautiful tablescape caught my eye immediately. Dressed in all white with delicate paper cranes and flowers, this project was a collaboration between Swedish stylist Lo Bjurulf and Ikea, originally inspired by the upcoming wedding of the Swedish princess royal. Crafted from simple white and brown paper, this clever and creative styling would be a fabulous DIY to try at your next party - and much cheaper than flowers if you have a little spare time and nimble fingers. Think of it as a modern twist on your mother's swan napkins.



    origamiplacesettingikea-lo-bjurulf2Align Center

    Click here for instructions on making paper cranes and flowers

    {Photos: Ikea Sweden discovered via emma's designblogg}

    Morning beauty

    Simply captivated by the soft lavender-tinted light and lovely Liya in these beautiful photos. They just seem to glow with an almost ethereal quality.




    {Photos: Photography by Timothy Barnes via FashionGoneRogue}

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Happy Weekend!


    Sunny skies, spring blossoms and the promise of a beautiful weekend ahead, sending you off with some places to go, things to see:

    - the perfect solution for tricky window coverings (I'm planning to use this at home!)
    - take a fun little trip to L.A with Daniella
    - vote for Nicole's chic Manhattan apartment at Apartment Therapy
    - fun things to do with tape
    -beautiful wall decals (I want one in my kitchen)
    - fabulous Coachella fashion (yes, Katie - still a littlejealous you got to go hang out with Jay-Z and Kate Bosworth!)

    Hope yours is filled with lots of fun!

    {A little in love with this photograph by Eugenio Recuenco via French Mouse}

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Classic, elegant

    The London townhouse of Veere Grenney is a beautiful blend of classical architectural details - echoed in the traditional and often ornate furniture, and balanced with modern art and natural, rustic touches through the jute rugs and woven grass baskets. Soft muted tones take away some of the austerity of the space. I'd love to add some of these touches in our new space - neutral tones and black and white art framed in elegant gold. Natural jute rugs throughout.
    Classic, elegant.

    veeregrennhautedecor1Align Center




    {Photos: Veere Grenney's London Apartment, as seen in his portfolio and in Australian Vogue Living, December 2008}

    White blossoms

    From my kitchen window I look out at a multitude of branches covered in soft, white blossoms. Unfortunately they are in my neighbor's garden otherwise I'd have captured some branches to display on my mantle like this (below). For the moment, I have to say the view outside is spectacular, I trying to savour every moment of it while it lasts...

    P.S - more Spring branches.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Bright + Bold: Khanga by Fournier

    Bright and bold printed African fabrics have made the Khanga collection by Fournier really stand out. With eye catching colours mixed with bold florals and classical patterns that remind me a little of an scarf, they would be perfect to throw on with sunglasses and sandals on a weekend away.






    {Photos: Fournier discovered at Punctuation Mark}

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Playing house

    At a glance it seems like just an ordinary home (with hip, mid-century modern style) complete with all of life's little mundane details - laundry, recycling bins, even a bit of clutter. But upon further inspection is oh, so much cooler than that! A grown-up girlish fantasy- real life in miniature, and quite an upgrade from any doll house I used to play with!
    These modernist dollhouses have become a big hobby for a growing number of people (see houses belonging to Christine Ferrara and Annina Günther, below.) I really didn't realise there was so much tiny furniture out there. I have to say, there's something about tiny things that make them so much more fun! Christine Ferrara shares her beautiful miniature marvels in her blog, Call of the Small, a beautiful collection of mini-spaces that make you want to shrink down to Thumbelina-size so you can inhabit them.






    P.S The opposite - a life size dollhouse.

    {Photos: David Azia and Robert Presutti for The New York Times via Design is Mine}

    A little chair lust...

    Was excited to see Alfred Sung's new outdoor furniture line for The Bay, more specifically about 'The Paris chair'. In bold black and white check, I love it's strong yet simple design. I don't know that I'd restrict it to just outdoors, it would make a cute little occasional chair. What's better? At only $199, it'd be a bargain of a statement piece.

    {Photo: TorontoLife}

    Warm whites

    I've been browsing through different swatches of white to paint the new space - aiming to find something crisp and clean yet still warm and inviting. I love the mix of different whites in this beautiful space by French interior design firm Hand, Lyon. Warm, inviting neutral tones and a rich blend of textures playfully mixed with mid-century modern furniture and classic architecture makes the space seem more comfortable and relaxed.



    P.S - Anyone have a favourite white paint to recommend ?

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Celebrate Monday!

    Still winding down from an exciting birthday weekend filled with yummy tapas, best friends, lots of laughter and the most delicious cupcakes ever. While I've always been a big believer in taking the time to make special occasions extra special and something to look forward to, I also think it's so important to remember to celebrate the little every day delights.
    These fun banners would be just as perfect for the next party as they would be displayed at home as a reminder to celebrate the everyday...

    For now, celebrate Monday and a fresh new week!

    {Photos: BanterBanners discovered at A Cup of Jo}

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    {mon anniversaire}

    It's my birthday! Arguably, in my very biased opinion, the best day of the year!
    I love taking the time to really celebrate - enjoying little delights, laughing with friends and toasting to the year past and so many wonderful things to look forward to in the year ahead!
    At this time I feel undaunted at the prospect of getting a little older, I feel that I grow into myself a little more each year, and that the best really is yet to come.
    Can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead!
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    pink grapefruitchampagne sorbet via style at home january 2010, photography by william meppem, styling by steve pearce

    While I've never been one to dwell too much on astrology, I can't help but be struck by the fact that throughout my life, more often than not, my closest friends have had a birthday within a couple days of my own. Coincidence? Or perhaps it's in the stars that we're just destined to be friends. Either way, I'm always so grateful to have found them. They make my life better just by being around. It's always been a favourite tradition to share my birthday together, so I have to send a very happy, happy Birthday to some of my most favourite people of all -
    to Heather, Cheryle, Melissa and Katie - hope you have the most wonderful day, can't wait for another year together and thank you for so many happy memories!
    xo xo

    {Photos: 1-Elizabeth Messina for
    KisstheGroom;2,4,6- Cherry Blossom Girl's photos of St Tropez, 3- UrbanOutfitters, 5-Chanel via thisisglamorous, 6- photography by William Meppem, styling by Steve Pearce for Style at Home january 2010 via thisisglamorous}

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    I ♥ Lonny

    Always so excited for a brand new issue of Lonny to be inspired by - the newest edition is no exception. With an impressive spread of house tours and eco-inspired tips and designs, including a tour of Michelle Adam`s own stylish New York apartment, there`s loads of fresh ideas to devour and savour. I was instantly drawn to cover-girl designer Laura Day`s Manhattan home. Soothing pale pink and neutrals with bright, vivid shots of colour injected throughout the space through bold art and photography. This carefully curated space is full of interesting details in every corner, and boasts the coolest, prettiest nursery I`ve seen in forever. Thank you Lonny, for the instroduction to Laura, and as always, so much inspiration!


    lauradaylonny2Align Center

    Photos: Lonny Magazine April/ May 2010}

    {you are loved}

    Just the prettiest little ring with a most important little message. {you are} Loved. Glancing down and seeing this message often, or the two little sparkling diamonds would definitely bring on a warm, happy feeling. This would be the cutest wedding band, or the best gift ever to receive from someone special who feels this way about you (or maybe even yourself).


    lovedstkildajewelry2Align Center

    Definitely one for the wishlist! ;)

    {Photos: Loved ring by St Kilda Jewelry discovered via A Cup of Jo}
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