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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Simple, sophisticated - black, white + gold

    Always classic in black, white and gold. All white surfaces, strong black accents and lots of gilded details. The result is classic, fresh and definitely a little sophisticated. The suites at the Hotel Pulitzer in Rome are testament to the strength of a simple theme used throughout a space. While the look is thoroughly modern in its simplicity, it still has a warmth and comfort that invites you in to stay a little longer in this refreshing space.


    I love how they've spaced these mismatched frames, making this quad act as a unit. An easy trick to use - and a more streamlined alternative to a gallery wall.



    Black + White has been a big theme in our home, but this space makes me think about trading in silver and pewter accents for gold.

    {An apology in advance - posts may be a little sporadic this week as I busily scurry around town trying to sort out little details before our big move this week. As the end of the month is approaching with almost a dizzying speed, I find myself happy, excited and exhausted!}

    Hope your week's off to a great start so far - it's beautiful outside!

    {All photos: Hotel Pulitzer, Roma discovered at Aubrey Road}


    A modern classic mixed with an old favourite - Sofia Coppola's black suede clutch for Louis Vuitton paired with a simple, crisp, white shirt and tailored black trousers.
    Some pieces just have a timeless quality, fast-forward fifty years
    it would still be just as beautiful.


    "I had an idea of what I was looking for and couldn't find... I think it must be every woman's fantasy to dream up an ideal bag and shoe.
    It was great to be able to make exactly what you want." {Lucky} Sofia Coppola


    Somehow I feel that if this clutch ever found its way into my hands
    I'd never be able to let it go...

    {Photos: 1- Jak&Jil blog, 2-Louis Vuitton}

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    Air space

    Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine streaming through the windows, uninterrupted moments to unwind and clear your mind. A moment to breathe.



    * A big thank you to Manvi from Mochatini for inviting me to guest post this week. See the post here, and be sure to check out the rest of her lovely blog.

    {Photos: Miranda Kerr by Style Me Romy; Interiors: Adrian Briscoe for Living Etc, July 2004 via moodboard}

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Lovely on the inside

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    Getting quite excited to trying some fun DIY projects to decorate our new place. One I've been particularly looking forward to is adding a fun finish to the interior doors of a plain dresser. I've been thinking about using some beautiful Japanese paper in either a metallic finish or perhaps a fun, bright colour (remember the bright pink interior of Katie Lee Joel's black bar? See it again here.)

    I've been quite inspired by this beautiful piece. The doors of this simple Ikea cabinet are lined in gold fabric from Missoni Home - such a delightful surprise. I love how the effect is echoed in the gold interior of the Philippe Starck lamp. A great way to have a bit of fun with a bold finish or pattern you may not be brave enough to commit to in a more visible area.


    {Photo: Living Etc Jan 08}

    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Spring Romance: Dace Spring 2010

    Dreamy, romantic imagery, soft muted tones and light fluttery dresses. Perfect for endless afternoons, daydreaming and reflecting in the warm summer breeze. An unexpected kiss, an exhilarating drive and moments that take your breath away - a Spring romance.

    These soft, relaxed dresses are perfect all Spring under a jacket or cardigan and will take you all the way to dancing all summer night long!








    {Photos: Dace Spring 2010, discovered at unruly things}

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Shades of White

    I think especially in Spring, we're drawn to open, airy interiors to give us that relief from mental and visual clutter. A blank slate to inspire creativity and open up possibilities. All white spaces are the perfect settings for creating limitless possibilities but also an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. The key with white is to keep it from becoming austere or unlivable, it still has to look welcoming and comfortable. In her Toronto home, Style at Home design editor, Ann Marie Favot has achieved this beautifully with classic lines, soft silhouettes and of course a light airy palette that makes you feel you've just ascended above the clouds.


    I love Ann-Marie's decorating philosophy, "I waited until I knew exactly what I wanted and had the money to have it all custom-made. Never buy something just to fill a space."
    {Whole-heartedly agreed!}


    Without a traditional mantle to anchor the space, Ann-Marie cleverly adds this architectural detail with perfectly spaced, floating Ikea shelves. It adds an immediate focal point for the room, and a perfect spot to showcase a collection of art and ceramics - all in shades of white.



    Pale and interesting, this patterned wall paper from Barbara Barry adds texture
    and a bit of warmth to this entrance hall.


    "It works because there are numerous whites," says Ann-Marie,
    "whereas if there were just one or two it wouldn't."


    Ann-Marie's love for white came from her mother, "who would unify different pieces with white paint." This tip is perfect for anyone on a budget or who doesn't like the look of 'a set'.


    Simple Ikea Malm dressers paired with a vintage mirror painted white keeps this set personal, while still coordinating beautifully. "I'd never buy a matching bedroom suite. I'd much rather select different pieces and make them my own," says Ann-Marie.

    Definitely one for the new house inspiration files!
    Some of these things were even already on the list...

    P.S. Pick up the issue quick for extra tips on paint colours and shades of white.

    {The White House, Written by Helen Racanelli, Photos by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines for Style at Home, April 2010}

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010


    Always completely enchanted by butterflies - these delicate, ethereal creatures were seemingly created for the sole purpose of spreading beauty and happiness, you can't help but smile and be grateful each time you see them. A symbol of renewal, and that for every challenge or difficulty there is an opportunity for something beautiful to emerge.

    After years of studying entomology and travelling to far off lands to collect specimens, Christopher Marley was inspired to display them as art. Rather than the scary images of slithering, jittering insects, here the absolute precision and genius in their design is shown. Perfectly symmetrical and exquisitely detailed, natures design far surpasses our greatest engineers or designers, all that's needed to to showcase them without interfering or distracting from their beauty. Pheromones are the chemicals insects use to attract each other (and have been known to work on humans too - worked on me even through the computer screen !)


    Day flying moths - Thailand, Laos


    Taenaris Trio - Australasian Archipelago


    Velvet Brushfooted Trio - Loreto, Peru


    Ricepaper Study - Southeast Asia


    Morpho Duo - Bolivia, Peru

    {Photos: Simple Groupings from Pheromone by Christopher Marley}

    Less is more

    While I loved Thomas O'Brien's eclectic, layered loft look seen here previously, this month's House & Home showed a glimpse into his previous lay-out of the same space. Where the other space was rich with layers and layers of beautiful art and accessories, this one is pared down and sleek, a little more open and airy. While there are several pieces of art and sculpture, the surfaces are cleaner, less cluttered making the whole space seem more expansive and restful. The soft grey painted floor with casually layered pale cowhides is just so inviting, everything just seem to float above it. Sometimes, stripping away the layers of accessories and coming back to a pared down version is just the refreshing change you need.



    thomasobrienthenchh410Align Center

    {Photos: the home of Thomas O'Brien from Canadian House and Home, April '10}

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Spring branches

    At last, it's officially the beginning Spring - full of hope and potential and the promise of so many wonderful things to come. I've been starting to notice tiny little buds popping up on the stark branches, promising to emerge in a beautiful burst of colour.

    I love bringing this favourite moment indoors with me with just a few simple branches in a tall vase. The branches themselves have an almost sculptural effect and are beautiful as is, but of course, hold the most delightful surprise as soft, delicate petals start to emerge.
    As we wait with anticipation for the Spring blossoms, celebrate early indoors by forcing branches of some of your favourite flowers. Get how-to guides here and here.

    Happy Spring everyone!






    ** Update: #6 - L.C was the winner of the Spring give-away for the Coach Carly handbag.

    {Photos: 1, 3 - the home of Jenna Lyons, taken by Melanie Acevedo for Domino magazine, 2 - Jose Picayo for Martha Stewart Living via thisisglamorous, 4- Martha Stewart, 5- Oprah magazine via Aubrey Road, edited by escapade}

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Safari in Denmark

    I could hardly drag myself back indoors with all the beautiful Spring weather we`ve been enjoying. I`m now trying to come up with ways to ensure I can stay out there permanently, or at least until the sun hides. This charming little safari camp was set up far away from the African savannah in Denmark, and I just think it would make the perfect summer weekend retreat. Watching the sunset, laughing by the open fire with good friends and a glass of wine under the stars, falling asleep listening to the water quietly lapping at the shore outside...

    Here`s to sunny summer days (and nights) ahead!
    (I can hardly wait...)




    Happy, happy weekend to you friends - thank you for so many lovely comments! I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts as well.

    Here are some fun links to look through...

    - probably the most adorable thing ever, really!
    - bejewelled, bedazzled... Anna Dello Russo
    - you saw the chevron dresser, why not try a chevron wall?
    - a sunny, happy interview with Color Me Katie
    - are you going to see ?

    Photos: Kml Designs

    Suite Dreams

    Vaulted ceilings, an open loft with a pale blue painted floor and a claw-foot tub, a romantic chandelier and cool, clean white everywhere. This space is just dreamy.



    Photos: Sharyn Cairns

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    What's in your bag?

    I'm often fascinated by the contents of people's handbags. The small collection of little essentials, or at least what we've deemed as essential, to carry around with us at all times. Having these things with us can make us feel safe, prepared for all of life's little misadventures. While I do try to edit the contents of my own bag and make sure I'm not carrying around excessive or unused items, inevitably there always seems to be a few things extra, there just in case.

    All these little items tell a bigger story about the lives we lead. Little clues into our personalities, interests, daily habits and rituals. I loved that, in addition to this dreamy shoot, Style Me Romy gave us a peak into Miranda's personal belongings. They give strong hints into her personal life - her devotion to spirituality, her glamorous life as a model and constant travelling.


    Prada handbag with trinkets, a Rose Quartz stone (Miranda believes in its positive energy), Kora hand cream (the water in these products is infused with Rose Quartz) and Serge Luten's Datura Noir fragrance. (I'm guessing that she doesn't carry roses around in her handbag at all times, but aren't they lovely?)


    Miranda is lucky enough to be one of the select few with personalized Prada heels (see the gold M K on the sole). An avid reader, she is never without her Kindle, a much lighter option to the library of books she travels with. Also inside - a classic Rolex Oyster Air King watch, a collection of delicate bracelets (with hints to her spiritual practice) and Balenciaga sunglasses.


    A lighter option -a Valentino bag, Balenciaga gladiator sandals, massage friend and the books 'The Magician's Way' and 'The Buddha in Daily Life'. I really admire Miranda's devotion to her faith, Nichiren Bhuddhism and daily yoga ritual. No doubt it keeps her calm, sane and grounded in a fast paced and somewhat turbulent industry.

    Always in my handbag: my wallet, of course (with some sentimental tokens - a Tube pass from a birthday in London a few years back; a cute little note from my mum); L'Occitane hand cream; my cell phone (with photos of Javier and Mr. M that always make me smile); Prada sunglasses; my Moleskine planner; a tape measure; C.O. Bigelow's Rosebud salve (+ often another lip gloss); always a rotation of whatever book I`m reading or a magazine for the morning commute.
    As you can see it builds up pretty quickly...

    I`m curious to know - what`s in your handbag?

    {All photos: StyleMeRomy via Studded Hearts}

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Happy St Patricks Day ♥

    Definitely not a coincidence that this day to celebrate Ireland - the land of a thousand shades of green, should fall at the very beginning of Spring. The world seems in unison with all the celebrations as slowly emerging from the drab straw shades of the grass and leaves, are beautiful flushes of emerald green. It really is the most invigorating colour - full of energy and hope.

    In honour of some favourite friends and the day to celebrate all things Irish, a collection of a thousand shades of green and a beautiful Irish blessing.










    {Photos: 1,4- Douglas Friedman, 2,6 - H&G; Margot's Dining Room, Style at Home, July'08 via thisisglamorous, 3- Angus Fergusson for Canadian HouseandHome, April 2010, 5- Sarah Richardson as seen in Sarah's House, 8 - via thisisglamorous, 7,9 Kate Spade ad}

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