Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Swedish summer whites

    Always drawn in by crisp Swedish whites, but especially at this time of year they just seem so refreshing. The perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate and melt away all the summer grime. I think what makes Swedish whites so approachable and appealing to me is the mix of a crisp white base with lots of art and antiques, rather than a modernist approach to white which can sometimes seem too stark or sterile. Pickled white floors, romantic chandeliers and a beautiful collection of antiques, this place is a dreamy haven of a retreat.

    These Swedish corner fireplaces draw me in every time - I may have to re-locate just to get my hands on one!

    Love the 'all -different' white dining chairs.

    ...check out the original tour at Skona Hem - doesn't the (stunning) lady of the house look remarkably like Elin Woods?

    P.S - more Swedish gems here and here.

    {Photos: Marie Eriksson for SkonaHem}



    Oh these are all lovely! I'm loving the mix of white chairs. It's just gorgeous :)


    The fireplace is brilliant. Just brilliant.

    manvi @ mochatini said...

    i cant get enough of the swedish white interiors...and I really want a rustic farmhouse table!


    Adrienne - the fireplace was my favourite thing too!
    Alternative -love how they're all different but seem like a set with a simple coat of paint in the same shade.


    i can't get enough of white or swedish style for that matter. simply well done!


    Oh, a fireplace in the bedroom - love that! I too have a white bedroom and I wouldn't have it any other way. There is something so soothing about white. This home is simple and comforting at the same time - beautiful post.

    Enjoy your long weekend. Thank so much for stopping by. =)


    The Swedes do everything so well. These photos are so stunning. And even though it's very simple the attention to detail makes it extra ordinary.

    Splendid Willow said...

    My sweet and oh-so talented friend: One of these days I plan to show you around in Stockholm! Sweden will love you! Deal ok?

    Much fondness, Mon


    Monika -No hesitation whatsoever - deal!!


    so very pretty! I could never live this way though... I'd mess it all up!


    Ja ja ja!! My Swedish self is agreeing! Ja for sure! :)

    Swedish blonde rocks and all of this rings like Abba to my ears!

    x Charlotta

    P.S. I'll tag along on the Stockholm tour! x


    Thanks for the comment on my office inspiration post! Love all the whites in this post... inspiration for another room!

    Have a great weekend!


    i love the whiteness, I think it makes the rooms seem so bright. and the rooms seem so spacious!


    Thanks for the comment!
    Your blog is beautiful!
    And yes, im definitely enjoying this weather! It's so hot out!!
    Enjoy the weekend

    Ginger said...

    Yes! You put it perfectly what I can never quite put my finger on!

    Art and antiques, rather than plastics and sleek modernist approach.

    Love it!


    I cannot stop thinking about this fireplace. So gorgeous.