Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    The house that Emerson made...

    If you remember posts such as this and this, you'll know that I'm completely smitten with Emersonmade. The charming couple behind these beautiful creations are featured in their product shoots, is Ryan and Emerson. These two make me want to run away and live an idyllic, simple life in the country - to grow my own vegetables and bake my own bread, maybe even finally make peace with chickens (well, anything's possible...)

    While Emerson started off as a one-woman operation, (sometime selling flowers right off her lapel), she has now grown into a veritable full-scale business run out of an old mill in New Hampshire. When they're not busy making fabulous creations and charming our pants off with their adorable shoots, they're kicking back and relaxing in their fittingly charming country home in New Hampshire.

    Their library (above and below) decorated completely (with the exception of the sofa) with their findings from all along the Eastern seaboard "picking stuff up". The vintage beaded chandelier (below) has about 30 little bulbs inside that look like "little full moons" glowing at night.

    Emerson makes these lovely little garlands (seen above, and bottom picture) - just perfect for celebrating special occasions, or just because life's pretty swell :).

    A charming dining area - with an extra long table to fit lots of friends and family around it and an open hearth. The nautical map above the mantle charts the ocean from NYC to Maine, and traces their move from the big city to New Hampshire. The linens are also Emersonmade creations, available with these prints and also lovely new summer stripes.

    Emerson collects vintage clothing - a few of her findings are hanging right here in the entrance. The rifle is to protect the farm from any varmints. (Run varmints!)

    Ah - my favourite part - their pantry! Designed so that they could view and pick up any ingredients they need with ease. These two don't eat refined products, white flour or sugar, so everything in here is natural and unrefined.

    Ryan started off the impressive ironstone collection by giving Emerson a few pieces for their anniversary and the collection took off from there. The farmhouse sink was an amazing craigslist score and the butcher block counter was custom made.

    The laundry room - featuring another lovely vintage sink and happy little flag garlands. These two make housework look good...

    So go visit Emerson, and watch this space for Emersonmade news including the release of her new clothing line - due out later this year. (Can't wait!)

    {Photo 1 - Emersonmade, all other photos via amy.a at design*sponge}



    What a sweet laundry room ~~

    Ginger said...

    I remember your snow brunch post introduced me to Emersonmade. I'm not the proud owner of several of her blooms, and can not wait for the clothing line.

    Thanks for always suggesting such lovely things!


    I adore her pantry. I wonder how long it would take me to collect all of those canisters. So cool!

    LadyLUX said...

    What a charming house! Love the kitchen and library! Looks like pure bliss :)

    Daniella said...

    What a lovely post! Those garlands are adorable... and love those kitchen chairs!


    Oh Ginger - so happy to hear I was able to introduce you to them + so happy to hear you've purchased some of their beautiful flowers.
    Can't wait for the new clothing line, no doubt it will be fantastic also!


    the pantry is also my favorite! look at all those clear glass jars! swoon. I also like the simple clean cut lines of the dining room. :)


    Isn´t she a cute girl? really love her style!!! Wish you a lovely weekend, full of sunshine and hugs and kisses! greetings from sunny germany, geisslein


    Just love emersonmade! I did the bed of roses on my wedding blog awhile back - so cute that you did it too! Just love her stuff and her home! The pantry - I want.


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