Friday, June 11, 2010

    Happy Weekend!

     -The World Cup starts TODAY! Be in the know of who's playing who where and when, with the cleverest calendar ever. (Bookmark this immediately!) via automatism
    {Not so excited about football yet? Check out these guys ;) }
    -Worried about being a 'football widow' for the next month? 
    You're in good company with all the World Cup WAGs in the stands
    - World Cup fever heating up in Cape Town, check out Lana's very patriotic car and lots of World Cup excitement here - Go South Africa!! 
    -and for whoever wins the coveted trophy, it will be travelling in style check out the Louis Vuitton 2010 World Cup trophy case

    Of course, it's not all about the World Cup...
    -Retro-fitted - a church pew headboard
    - a beautifully intimate wedding in an art gallery via happenstance
    - Pia creates the most charming window display - watch it all come together here.
    -Free summer themed iPhone wallpapers, .
    - Simple + delicious weekend treats - watermelon gazpacho and an easy chocolate mousse. Yum!
    ... and of course, don't forget to enter the give-away!

    Happy (World Cup) weekend everyone!

    {Photo: J Crew}



    All kinds of good things!! Thanks for all the on my way to check them out. And the picture - cycling in the ocean is fabulous! Happy weekend.



    I love the World Cup! All these countries coming together! The ambiance at every bar and restaurant is so different this time of year. I love it!


    funny how we are all in crazy world cup fever, we have 2 huge tvs in the office to watch it (in silent, but still!)
    Thanks for the calendar link!!


    I have friends in Capetown and for 1 year all I've heard is "World Cup." They are thrilled. I was in DC in 1994 when the Italians won; lucky for us we were invited to a few things with the parents of the much fun! xx's


    this photo is sooo refreshing... love your blog.. xx


    I'm pretty excited about the World Cup! My darling is Spanish, and has been playing and singing the famous song for this year... love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,



    happy weekend to you too! thanks for the link inspiration, that pew headboard is complete genius! and that wedding in the art gallery, so chic. also, thanks for the blog links, i just found the blog happenstance through your blog and it's another great find :)


    Happy World Cup Weekend to you too!
    Hope you have a good one!


    I am more a rugby nut, sport in which South Africa also excell. The world Cup keeps me fretting after the disastrous performance of the french during the last world cup. It was all the Italian's fault anyway!! Can you tell i am on the French supporter...

    Splendid Willow said...

    Since Sweden did not even make it this year... - I say Go South Africa!

    Happy new week to you, my happy friend!

    ox, Mon


    Completely adore that photo!!

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend :)


    Excited to watch Italy play today!!! I don't think any sport bring the world together but soccer... every country loves it!


    The World Cup is such an exciting--and stressful!--time. I'm glad the sport seems to be catching on more and more in North America.

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