Friday, June 25, 2010

    Visit this weekend: Coriander Girl

    A lovely little myrtle topiary is the new resident of my kitchen thanks to a visit to the most charming flower shop in the city - Coriander Girl. Right in the middle of Parkdale, it feels as if you've stumbled across a quaint little shop in the country. Filled with rustic shabby chic furniture pieces, old mason jars to use as vases, bunches of dried lavender, beeswax candles and little bouquets and posies that look as if they were gathered on a lovely long walk in a country field. If the stale and predictable bouquets from large commercial shops aren't your thing, then this is the place for you!

    Stop by and meet the lovely shop owner, Allison and pick up a little piece of summertime in the country to enjoy at home. Not in the area? Visit her blog and take a peak inside her charming space.

    {All photos: Coriander Girl}



    I'd love to visit her shop and spend way too much money on all her pretty gems. She has the perfect ambiance for dreamy shopping trips.


    Oooo lucky! I've been meaning to go back for a few topiaries!


    oh I'd love to visit this cute shop! I adore topiaries. happy friday, darling!


    db she most certainly does ;)

    Daniella - definitely do! She's so lovely!

    Caroline - thank you, hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


    What a sweet, magical shop!

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