Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    At home with mid-century modern

    One of my most favourite spaces in a long time was this fun, fresh apartment in Montreal, recently featured in Style at Home. As the owner of vintage furniture boutique Spoutnik, Sylvie Rochon certainly has an eye for vintage treasures and has showcased her collection beautifully throughout her home. Painting the walls and floors in all white throughout, with only small black accents, gives Sylvie the opportunity to have fun with lots of pops of bright colour and art. This gallery effect also gives a little space to beautifully show off the lines and curves of Sylvie's mid-century pieces. All the warm wood really balances the white and keeps it feels warm and welcoming, not too sterile.

    The rather linear shape of armless mid-century sofas like this one, can sometimes feel a little rigid. This gorgeous collection of colourful cushions makes it seem so inviting and comfortable.

    These curved wood pieces have such a beautiful sculptural quality, having a bit of space around them gives a bit of 'breathing room' and really allows the smooth lines and interesting shape to be shown off.

    I love how beautifully curated the space is - lots of interesting art and accessories, but nothing feels too cluttered or overbearing. It really allows each piece to shine. 

    {My favourite feature} Sylvie found these etched glass pocket doors at a Quebec City recycling centre six months before she even started renovating, "I knew I wanted them in my home, but just didn't know where."

    In addition to bright accessories, Sylvie loves to accessorize with colourful flowers. I always think this is the quickest (and cheapest) makeover you can do in a room. Even a few simple blooms can completely transform a space.



    OMG, what a beautiful collection. The wood on that day bed & chair below it are to die for. Really nicely done ... I don't know if I could live with all Mid century modern but I certainly can appreciate it and I really admire this collection. WOW!


    This is definitely an energizing space. Mid Century modern is always interesting and it's enduring.. Great Space!



    Amazing. I can't wait to live on my own and design my place.... haha. :)


    Such a fun space. Love it !



    So lovely! Anything a la Andy Warhol makes my heart beat a little faster. Love all these colors!




    I love this space. The wooden chair is just gorgeous! Stephie x


    Stop it!

    I want everything!

    Stacking chairs said...

    Some great photography in this post, and the others for that matter! I love the wooded, curved chair, it really suites it's environment!