Monday, August 29, 2011

    Inspiration for the new week 29.8.11

    Just back from the perfect end of summer weekend - a beautiful wedding out in the country, complete with sunny afternoons, playing with babies,  memorable toasts, lots of laughter and dancing the night away (have I ever mentioned how much I love dancing at weddings?). Best part of all, was the extra time with family. It's hard to believe how quickly summer is fading away, those moments in the afternoon sun seem a little bittersweet, but here's to a sunny Monday and savouring life's bright moments and looking forward to changes ahead.

    {Photo: Paul Massey for The Comforts of Home by 
    Carolin Clifton-Mogg, scanned for dress, design, decor}

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Inspired by: The No. 6 Dress

    Excited to share another guest post by Camille of Cambie Design. I love this combination of warm ochre yellow and bright aqua blue, seems like a perfect fit for the end of summer, don't you think?

    The blog, Color Collective is one of my favourite sources for inspiration. The images seem to always leave an imprint and the one below was hard to shake.

    Vintage Plates

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Hello there!

    A bit of a late start to the week- I've been feeling decidedly under the weather with a summer flu (it always feels much worse in summer, don't you find?) and a little slow in getting my act together. Over the past week or so, I've really started to notice a bit of a shift - there's a crisper feeling in the air, suddenly the humidity seems to have subsided, and all around the light in the sky seems to have changed. The dramatic contrast of sunny skies and deep shadows seem to be telling us that September is just around the corner.
    While I'm really looking forward to the autumn this year, I find myself wanting to still savour and indulge in a little more summer. 

    Forget sun-loungers - a full outdoor bed would be the ultimate indulgence for lounging poolside and soaking up every last minute of the summer sun.

    Follow that with dining al fresco under the trees filled with frothy white blossoms (and sharing a cuddle with two adorable little kids). Seems like a perfect farewell to sunny
     summer days...

    Hope your week's off to a great start and you're taking the opportunity to soak up
     the last of the summer sunshine!

    {Photos: The Southampton home of designer Rita Norona Schrager,
     photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor, June 2009}

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    J Crew: Bienvenue au Canada

    So happy to have you here!

    Excited to have a local store for my favourite brand again 
    - although I have to say - a little disappointed to see the higher price points.
     Nonetheless will definitely have a little fun here (I think my wallet just ran and hid).

    Let the shopping begin!

    {Photo: J Crew, Summer '08}

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Beachy glamour: Leigh Viner

    When Denver artist and photographer Leigh Viner was fortunate enough to inherit a collection of black and white photographs from the 1950's, rather than simply enjoying them herself she decided to share them by released a limited edition of reproductions at her etsy shop, jkl design. They beautifully mingle with her own black and white photography and glamorous fashion illustrations. I'd love to add one of these prints to my collection to add a little bit of  beachy glamour to my home, and savour the feeling of eternal summer all year round.

     {Photos: jkldesign on etsy, discovered at the Lonny blog}

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Waiting impatiently...

    ...for the arrival of Missoni's collection for Target, arriving in stores on September 13th.

    See the whole preview here.

    These scarves are at the top of my wishlist from the collection. 
    Which pieces would you pick?

    Afrikaner chic

    Afrikaner Chic - two words I've never really found myself using together before, but looking having seen the photos of the Babylonstoren resort, set in the foothills of the Western Cape in South Africa, I think that it would definitely apply. Growing up I'd always associated the Africaans people with a more rugged farming lifestyle and not really high design, but this space marries the iconic Cape Dutch architecture and a clean all-white aesthetic with more traditional art and furniture pieces that stay true to the rustic Afrikaner farming aesthetic.

    The original Cape Dutch farmhouse built in 1692 was converted into a resort by local style maker and Elle Decoration editor Karen Roos. It still boasts a huge working fruit orchard and a sizable vegetable garden from which guests are allowed to select produce to either prepare themselves in their own private cottage, or enlist the help of one of the resident chefs. 

    This space also proves my assertion that pieces from any style or aesthetic
    can look chic in an all white space.

    {Photos: Babylonstoren}

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Inspiration for the new week 15.8.11

    Pearson Garden

    {Photo: The South London garden of designer Dan Pearson,
    photographed by James Waddell, Domino magazine, March 2009}

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    To Knot or Not to Knot?

    I have recently come across photos of many young girls embracing the hot summer weather by knotting a part of their ensemble. While my immediate reaction was a quick flashback to the early nineties, I have to say the look has definitely grown on me. The lovely young lady in the photo looks fresh and stylish with this modern take (leaving her T-shirt clip behind!):

    Below you will find more examples inspired by twists and knots to decorate both yourself and your home.

    Clockwise from top left: Shakti Rope Knot Bracelet by Goldhearted, Powerite Necklace
     Organic Cotton Nautical Coaster, and Reata Stool.

    {Top photo: The Sartorialist}

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Pretty pieces in white and gold

    Always a sucker for shiny objects, especially the classic combination of white and gold. These ceramic pieces from Waylande Gregory Studios have a groovy 60's feeling with their lava lamp inspired swirls, but still classic in simple silouettes and timeless white and gold.

    {Ceramics by Waylande Gregory Studios at Vivre}

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Beachy keen

    I was a little awe-struck when I first saw this home in Australia. It really is an absolute summer dream - completely bathed in sunlight, with an open, breezy layout and panoramic ocean views - the perfect marriage of indoors and out. The home's warm wood and stone facade make it feel like it blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. 

    I love the injection of a little black and white chevron here - adds a bit of punch without straying from the home's sleek, steamlined aesthetic.

    The tropical plants throughout the home make the line between outdoors and in even harder to distinguish, and gives a lovely sense of flow to the space.

    A giant picture window almost gives the illusion of an outdoor bath. Meanwhile the scalloped aqua tiles in the shower play in perfectly with the oceanside environment and add an unexpected burst of bright colour.

    {Photos: Prue Ruscoe}

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    A quick hello!

    Hello everyone -
    I wanted to post a quick apology for the lack of posting here over the past week. I've been experiencing some rather frustrating technical challenges, but am working away to get it up and running - and hopefully even better than before - within the next few days. While I've been out of commission here, I've been having some fun  recently - so if you'd like, feel free to stop by and check out the growing collection of . Hope you've all been having a wonderful week so far and soaking up as much of the summer sun as possible! Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you here and sharing some beautiful finds very soon! 


    {Photo: Roland Bello via my }

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