Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Afrikaner chic

    Afrikaner Chic - two words I've never really found myself using together before, but looking having seen the photos of the Babylonstoren resort, set in the foothills of the Western Cape in South Africa, I think that it would definitely apply. Growing up I'd always associated the Africaans people with a more rugged farming lifestyle and not really high design, but this space marries the iconic Cape Dutch architecture and a clean all-white aesthetic with more traditional art and furniture pieces that stay true to the rustic Afrikaner farming aesthetic.

    The original Cape Dutch farmhouse built in 1692 was converted into a resort by local style maker and Elle Decoration editor Karen Roos. It still boasts a huge working fruit orchard and a sizable vegetable garden from which guests are allowed to select produce to either prepare themselves in their own private cottage, or enlist the help of one of the resident chefs. 

    This space also proves my assertion that pieces from any style or aesthetic
    can look chic in an all white space.

    {Photos: Babylonstoren}



    I Agree, it's chic!
    Love the touch of indigo in the last image.


    Whoa! Incredibly gorgeous!

    Becky said...

    I know you love your monochrome, but next time you're in the Cape area, check this place out... I think you'd find plenty of inspiration, design and otherwise, around!

    Sean Jacobs said...

    Dear Lord. I've actually been in houses like that eZillestan.