Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    I ♥ Lonny

    Always so excited for a brand new issue of Lonny to be inspired by - the newest edition is no exception. With an impressive spread of house tours and eco-inspired tips and designs, including a tour of Michelle Adam`s own stylish New York apartment, there`s loads of fresh ideas to devour and savour. I was instantly drawn to cover-girl designer Laura Day`s Manhattan home. Soothing pale pink and neutrals with bright, vivid shots of colour injected throughout the space through bold art and photography. This carefully curated space is full of interesting details in every corner, and boasts the coolest, prettiest nursery I`ve seen in forever. Thank you Lonny, for the instroduction to Laura, and as always, so much inspiration!


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    Photos: Lonny Magazine April/ May 2010}



    What a fantastic dining room! I love that a large round table allows a constant flow of conversation and no one is left on the ends...classic and modern -- I love it :)


    There's just so much to take in with each issue, isn't there? So many favorite things! I love the images you chose - so brilliant.



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    One of my favorite things about a new issue of Lonny is that I always get to see what photos inspire different bloggers. I love that -- it's like getting to know someone better.


    oh i totally agree and this issue is particularly great.