Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    At home: Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz

    One colour that never fails to draw me right in has always been bright aqua blue. There's always something so irresistably fresh that it brings to any space. I was delighted to discover the home of Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz, the creative mind behind Shine by S.H.O., recently featured in Riviera Interiors. Throughout her home, Susan has incorporated splashes of bright aqua blue from her collection for a look that's clean, fresh and fun but still has a sophisticated edge.

    This chaise has me regret giving up on my search for the perfect navy blue fabric for a sofa. I really feel navy blue is underused in interiors. It always has such a crisp, classic look and blends so beautifully with a wide variety of colours.

    I'm not typically a 'bird person', we had an African grey parrot growing up and despite his amusing antics, he had a strong evil streak that has left me feeling a little wary of him and any comrades. While I may have a bit of a bird phobia in general, one bird that I've always had an affection for are Cockatoos. They have such a playfully mischieveous quality and always look like there are smiling. I'd taken some exta maths lessons in high school (never my strong suit) and my teacher had a pet cockatoo who used to hang out with us during the lesson. Sometimes even climbing on my shoulder while I worked (which was fun except when he tried to pull out an earring.) If I were to get a bird one day, it would definitely be a cockatoo - so I especially enjoyed this little guy :).

    Love how aqua blue and yellow add such a bright, fresh touch to the bedroom - I automatically picture the  the glass doors opening up to palm trees, shimmering aquamarine water and a soft sandy beach.

    The colours add a playful vibe that balance out the more formal furniture. Paired with a few adorable plush animals, it creates a perfect children's room. (Although I'd happily move right in - plush toys included!)

    Immediately filed away under 'Dream Kitchens' - this kitchen has just the right amount of colour for me. The kelly green stools are a bit of an unexpected twist. I feel like this kitchen would somehow even inspire healthier eating. I'd love to move right in and start creating a little culinary magic with a lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    {Photos: Peden + Munk for Riviera Interiors}



    I'm in love with that kitchen!


    Oh, I love aqua blue. It's such an underused color.


    LOVE the combo of the navy and torquoise! Beautiful!!


    I love it all. I wouldn't usually think to have a big picture of a bird in my place but I could be swayed by the one you have shown us!

    Stephie x


    I love this house tour! All of it - from that drop dead gorgeous console, the crisp white walls & floors with burst of warm & happy colours, to the fantastic ceiling with those exposed beams, the abundance of natural light and of course the fab master bedroom.

    Wonderful find Ali.

    x Charlotta


    Caroline - the kitchen was one of my favourites too. That green is just perfect!

    DB - agreed! I never, ever get tired of it!

    Stephie - it's not normally what I'd go for either, but as I'd said, I do have a bit of a soft spot for cockatoos.

    Thanks Charlotta - and there definitely is something about the bright colour that add a great sense of warmth and fun.


    My sister has been using aqua blue and turquoise for at least 20 years.
    She has an antique stain glass window panels that have some almost aqua blue glass in them.
    While growing up I remember some soft but bright yellow swivel club chairs that our Mom had recovered in
    Navy Blue linen - loved the outcome.
    I have just found your blog and I will be visiting often.
    Chris Ann