Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    The season for rustic

    When it comes to describing my personal taste, 'rustic' is generally not an adjective that comes to mind. But as with many things, I often surprise myself with the wide range of my own tastes.There's something about autumn that always just feels like a perfect fit for this style. The seasonal harvest beckons a return to things that are more natural and uncomplicated. Raw wood brings warmth on cooler days and brings the feeling of getting back to nature, even if you happen to be indoors.

    This country home designed by architect Russell Groves was created with a de-constructed barn from Canada which was transported to Connecticut and then transformed into a modern rustic retreat. The combination of the original rough beams with clean architectural details and modern furnishings gives the space a completely unique feeling with a style that you can't quite place in any particular time period.


    {All photos: Eric Piasecki for Style at Home, February 2011}



    These natural reclaimed timbers are a favourite of mine.


    Be still my heart- I love exposed wood. And you're right- there's no real telling when this house was built and that is part of the charm of it.

    Toni said...
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    classiq said...

    A beautiful mix of rustic and modern. Yes, autumn does bring us closer to nature and the use of natural wood in an interior design brings a warm, cosy feeling. :)