Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Wanderlust: Cadiz, Spain

    A little wanderlust-ing on a Wednesday - I've been gazing longingly at Peggy Wong's European Travelogue series and got a little caught up in my own daydreaming. Peggy has an amazing eye for detail and has captured the beautiful scenery in such an intimate way, you feel like you've been invited to take a peek behind hidden corners. Particularly on this rainy afternoon, I'm captivated by her album from Cadiz Spain, you can almost feel the sunshine in these images.



    I loved Cadiz!! Wish I could go back. Off to check out the rest of her photos. :)


    So beautiful..wish I was headed there now, always wanted to go.


    Emily - I'm jealous, I've never been but would absolutely love to!
    I'm sure you'll love the rest of Peggy's albums - they are just beautiful!

    EH - you and me both - we'll have to escape there sometime soon!