Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    All white + natural

    All white spaces are often a little misunderstood. While they can sometimes appear a little flat or static on the surface, a really successful all white space is actually layered with tonnes of subtle shades and textures that keep it interesting. What Scandinavians seem to know so well is that one of the keys to creating a calm and soothing all white space is to incorporate a lot of natural elements - rough hewn wood, natural jute and indoor plants, preventing the space from starting to feel a little sterile. The obsession with all white is inherently Scandinavian - with their long, bright summers and very limited daylight hours during winter, there is a cultural obsession with capturing that summer brightness and making it last through the year.

    Tine Kjeldsen owns the Danish homewares brand Tine K, her home on Funen Island near Odense in Denmark is definitely true to this Scandinavian stereotype. Bathed in bright white walls, floors and ceilings it feels calm and airy. Its charm comes from the accessories from Tine's own collections - plush velvet pillows, ruched fabric lamp shades, natural wood and sofa upholstered pieces in shades of plum and soft grey.

    The seamless all-white walls and floors make this narrow space feel spacious and airy.

    Tine's home is layered with lots of personal touches and accessories that tell a story about the home's unhabitants and make it so much more interesting.

    Little touches of lilac, mauve and plum together with natural wood and wicker, soften the space and give it a romantic, rustic feeling.

    While the windows have all been left bare, the lamps all have upholstered shades for a warm glow in the evening.

    Soft rugs and natural woven baskets give the space a bit more of a relaxed tone.

    The kitchen completely opens up into the dining area, with a small nook carved out as a workspace. Rather than try to get another dining area right in the kitchen space, this makes the space feel so much larger and creates a great sense of flow in these busy traffic areas in a family home.

    Love these simple leather handles - a bit of a rugged, rustic touch to the otherwise slick white kitchen.

    {Photos: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer for Elle Decoration UK, March 2010 via White Carousel}



    What a gorgeous home! Wow! Those Danish sure know how to not only design but also build. Gorgeous!


    It's so hard to make white rooms look warm and homely, but these are just beautiful. I wish that was my home!

    said... how these rooms like...not sure if I could live in them though! actually I could...not sure if my family could!



    Hannah McGowan said...

    All that white is so calming, isn't it? I love the dark purple accents too!

    What a lovely post, as always!