Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Bright white and warm wood

    It seems to be another example of the Scandinavian knack for finding a perfect balance and creating calm, serene spaces. Here the bright white walls and pickled white floors counter the warm teak dining set. It creates an almost gallery effect to really show off the sculptural shape of the chairs and showcase them as pieces of art in themselves.


    naomemandeflores said...

    Beautiful! I want my house to look just like that! Gotta love scandinavian design!

    Camila Faria


    o wow. loving these pictures!!! my fav is def the first pic!!

    CT said...

    I really like these images but I was also really struck by how the different camera angles of the same rooms can alter the viewer's perception of the space. Gorgeous.


    Camila - Scandinavians just always seem to get it right don't they?

    CT - so true, in life and in pictures :) - perspective has an enormous impact