Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Hot Stepper

    I love how these thick, chunky wood steps feel light, as if floating in air on this staircase. Visually it's completely stunning, but I have to admit, I could never never have them in my own home - there's something too precarious and nerve wracking about the prospect of climbing them. Just looking at them I feel apprehensive at the thought of tumbling to the ground or worse - somehow getting caught in them. How about you? Is there anything you think is beautiful and would love to try but are secretly terrified of?

    {Photo: Richard Powers}



    Wow! Those stairs are awesome!


    They're gorgeous but I'm with you- I'd totally kill myself on them- way to clutsy/like my wine too much to have no railing:)


    So fun! Definitely a klutz over here but I like it.


    These are gorgeous(!) but I've always been afraid of tripping or falling through. Plus, now that I have a little girl, there's little chance I'd have a set of stairs like these.