Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Thoughts for a new week 11.10.11

    Much has already been said on the recent passing of Steve Jobs, on every topic from the enduring legacy of his career to his fashion sense. Many people have been quite critical of this attention, stating that while he was a successful businessman perhaps he is not deserving of the posthumous sainthood that seems to be bestowed upon him. While it may be true that Steve, like all of us, was a mixed bag, I think it's still appropriate to pause and be grateful for the great inspiration that he was. In the face of technical challenges, naysayers, and even disease, Steve always remained undaunted and determined in his pursuits and truly is a testament to the untapped potential that lies within each of us if we only are brave enough to find that passion. 

    {Photo: Pia Jane Bijkerk}



    Love that you said this. To not recognize what he gave to the world is just strange to me because, quite frankly, Apple changed the entire economy almost over night.



    Live your own life, and be greatfull that SJ was there to help us all along! He created his vision, now try to create yours....