Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Early autumn days at the cottage

    Although summer is officially over, this is actually one of my favourite times of year here in Canada to spend outdoors. The heavy humidity has lifted and there's a lovely cool breeze in the evenings - perfect for long walks with the dog, and sleeping with the windows open under plush duvets.  Lee Kleinhelter's Atlanta cottage seems like a perfect retreat for cooler months with a lovely mix of bright whites, honey coloured wood and warm caramel upholstery. The look is both rustic and refined, definitely a sophisticated take on cottage living, but still comfortable and inviting. One of my favourite parts? The fire pit outside -perfect to unplug, and soak in the evening air.

    {Photos: Cottage Living,  November/ December}



    Beautiful and such an open space. I love how you describe it also- I can feel myself there. And those doors are absolutely lovely


    Love that campfire spot!

    Toni said...
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    What a great space! Looks so cozy!


    You're right, the fire pit is lovely.
    I also love how light and airy that kitchen looks.