Monday, October 31, 2011

    Inspiration {from dogs}

    {Photo: Philip Newton}



    Love that photo and I love that quote. Oprah says things in a way that just make sense. What an inspiration.

    nulla tabella said...

    I have a five year old dog and i can only say that he makes feel human in a way human kind fales to do. Recently i decided to stop eating meat. He changed the view of the world for me up to a point.

    nulla tabella said...

    Sorry, i wanted to say "he makes me feel...".


    Nulla - that's so wonderful to hear the connection you two have! I can completely relate. There really an emotional security that they give us that we quite often fail to give each other. I often prefer them to most people I meet ;)

    While I haven't become completely vegetarian, there are several meats I no longer eat, or try to avoid (I couldn't stand how similar little piglets looked to my beloved pup).