Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Neutral territory

    There's a wonderful sense of calm in this Danish apartment. Soft white walls, light pickled wood and muted tones create a space that is both minimal and sophisticated without feeling too sterile or unwelcoming. The windows are unadorned and let the light flood through the entire space.

    Dramatic black accents really anchor the space, adding a bit of a masculine touch and a sense of balance to the otherwise light and airy space.

    The one armed sofas really open the space up and make it feel more casual and relaxed.

    I love the unexpected placement of furniture in the living area.  Rather than centre the entire living space around the fireplace, the two sofas are floating in the centre of the room, leaving the handsome leather armchair off in its own private corner right by the fireplace. The waterfall coffee table is off to the side and acts as a display case for an impressive magazine collection.

    In the bedroom - cool, moody greys, warm  walnut and crisp white linens create a soothing retreat.



    Yes, the house is gorgeous but even more captivating are your words with it. It describes the space so perfectly.


    Love it (and pinned it).


    Aw thanks Tiffani - you're too sweet!

    Thanks Emily - isn't the space just dreamy? Looking around it I just feel a big exhale and sense of rest.

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