Thursday, July 1, 2010

    An attic retreat

    Bright white walls and light flooding through this windows of this attic bedroom make it seem open and expensive despite the sloping ceilings. Punchy colourful accents with lots of bright red accents add a sense of fun to the space. Can you imagine the smile that would instantly appear on your face if staying at a friend's cottage you climbed the stairs to your assigned room only to find this cheery retreat.

    (and patriotically themed for Canada Day too! :) )

    {Photos: Simon Brown for , Cico Books}



    Gorgeous, and yes 'happy Canada Day'!

    x Charlotta


    I love the white backdrop!! It makes the red colors pop so well :)


    Happy Canada Day, darling and this is such a pretty space...I adore the cute pillows:)
    Kisses and enjoy it:)




    i love your blog and this sweet post is precious.. xx pam

    happy canada day!!!

    and flowers pick themselves said...

    i adore that first bedspread! gorgeous!

    xo Alison

    Splendid Willow said...

    Happy, happy beautiful Sharalee!

    Did I ever tell you that my hubby is Canadian? Love the people!

    A really warm hug. Mon.


    I love this! Attics can either be scary and dark or absolutely beautiful like this.


    Charlotta + Red Ticking - thank you for the Canada wishes! (we had a beautiful evening picnic with lots of strawberries and sparklers :) )

    Monika - no you didn't - but now I think I like you even more, if it's possible ;)

    DB - you're right, I love reclaiming a dark and dingy space to create a real sanctuary.

    Lee said...

    I adore the bedspread fabric and wish I could find something similar locally.

    And Happy Canada Day (a little late)!


    Very pretty -- Happy Canada to you, too, lovely :)



    hope you had a happy canada day, and i just love the idea of an attic bedroom. something about the sloping roof makes them seem so snug! jx

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