Friday, March 4, 2011

    Small space, big on style

    Living in a studio apartment can often present a challenge, trying to create a sophisticated space that feels like comfortable and relaxing and avoiding the dreaded 'dormroom' look. Marni Golden was lucky enough to be able to recruit the help of her older brother Nate Berkus to create a space that packed in big style despite its small floor plan.

    Embrace the open space! Avoid the urge to carve the space up with screens or dividers which will make it seem much smaller. Rather push the sofa against the foot of the bed to create a division between the two spaces. You can do this in a larger home in a guest bedroom to make it into a home office or multi-functional space too.

    The lovely low tufted chaise is a fantastic way to add extra seating without blocking off the space or making it feel too cluttered because of it's open, armless profile. Banking it off to one side still gives you full view of the tv :).

    Carving out little vignettes or 'zones' will help to create the feeling of separate rooms even in a small studio. Adding these little details make the space feel so much richer, like peeling back the layers to reveal more about the personality that inhabits the space.

    In a studio, the bed is a focal point, add layers of decorative pillows or an upholstered headboard to make it more inviting.

    Nate recommends adding a pop of colour to brighten up the space and add a little interest. “Painting a piece of furniture is a great weekend project—and a cheap way to mix up your look,” he says.

    In a small space it's especially important to stay extra organized - Nate helped Marni keep her office under control with a custom corkboard. A very simple -DIY made from a roll of cork and a simple moldings from Home Depot.

    Love this tip! Nate helped Marni organize her handbags and clutches with magazine files.

    Marni also has her own blog, The Indulgent New York - check it out here.

    {Photos: Paul Costello for Glamour magazine, October 2009}



    this is so clever! i'm always so impressed by how well some people handle small spaces, since i fail so utterly and completely at it. :)


    She is adorable. And I seriously think this magazine rack idea has saved my marriage. Mr. Branflake always teases me about my unending flow of purses and bags and how they are stuffed in my closet. No more!


    Wonderful post. Egads, to have Nate as an older brother...just fabulous!

    Fran said...

    I enjoy the cozy yet somewhat formal vibe here. So many times I see studios treated with super-minimal style, that to me they seem cold. While it's more buttoned-up than I personally like my home to be, it's inviting nonetheless. nice job.

    The Vintique Object said...

    Gorgeous. Thanks for posting this -- I really love to see what people do with small spaces since I once lived in a studio. I loveseat up against the bed is brilliant. That, and all of the glass flat surfaces.


    Love this! The colors are beautiful. Love the magazine holders for purses too :)


    Small spaces with great ideas. I love the working space. :)))
    Thank you.

    styleonthecouch said...

    I've wanted a chaise for a while and this just confirms to me I should go for it in my small space of an apartment in NYC...


    Very lovely post! A taste of inspiration is the best sort of kick-start to the week so thank you!
    Have a fantastic week!