Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Living with what you love {a bright collection}

    Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon didn't realize when she stumbled across her first piece of brightly coloured enamelware twelve years ago that she'd discovered a passion that would soon grow into a big collection. Their vibrant, saturated colours make such a cheerful display. Initially the room was painted orange but Lisa felt that the pieces didn't stand out enough, so painted the wall white (always the winning pick in my books!) to really make the display 'pop'. She now shares her love of collecting with others who share her passion with their own collections of everything from pencil erasers to domino tiles on her site, A Collection a Day. The range of different objects is quite fascinating, and I love how each has an emotional connection with the collector. I always advocate living with what you love, no matter what that is, and if what you love results in a spectacularly colourful display, then even better!

    For quite some time I had a collection of angels and butterflies, to me they've always seemed happy little reminders of the beauty in this world. However, my passion for collecting them faded over the years and I haven't really added any new pieces in quite some time. Perhaps a new collection would spark the passion for collecting once more. I'd love to know - do you have a collection at home? If so, how do you display it?



    So fun!! I love that she just own the things she adores and doesn't worry about rules!! Inspiring!
    velvet cupcakes


    How beautiful and even looking at her collection makes me smile:) Kisses, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)


    Does a collection of design, art and architecture books count? I also have a collection of transferware that I hope to hang much of on a big wall in my new house.....oh and I collect shoes, handbags,


    I would love to collect cake stands but I don't have the shelves to store them. Her collection is amazing!