Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Press: Elle Decor

    This past week I was excited to have the opportunity to share one of my favourite links over the past week on Elle Decor's Design Insiders' Weekly Finds. I shared a new affordable contemporary art source from Australia called I Need Nice Things. Their bright, bold prints caught my eye right away and should make their way to my walls very soon.

    Thank you Elle Decor for inviting me to participate!

    {Photo: Elle Decor}



    Oh...congrats- so exciting Sharalee!

    Papiero said...

    Congrats Shar!


    Aww thanks guys! I thought it was pretty cool... ;)


    Congratulations! That is so awesome and way amazing and well deserved. Can you tell I become incoherent when I'm excited?

    Jordana @ White Cabana said...

    Awesome. And yes, I agree. The folks down under have definitely made an impression on me too!


    Thank you so much Tiffany - you're just the sweetest!

    Jordana - so many exciting finds I've discovered from that corner recently. I think even my favourite mag of the moment is Australian Vogue Living .


    Congrats to you - it's so exciting! I am off to check out your "find". As an Aussie, it's great to know what's available here, even if I do have to "visit" Canada to find out about it!

    Stephie x