Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    At home in the Bahamas: India Hicks

    With the world buzzing with excitement over the upcoming Royal Wedding, it seems every network has chosen their token Brit to act as royal correspondent to cover the wedding. My favourite one of these is India Hicks - as Prince Charles' god-daughter who was also bridesmaid in his wedding to Lady Diana, I consider her a bona fide Royal Wedding expert. I always enjoy her candid dry wit, and (very British) self-deprecating sense of humour and I have no doubt she'll be an excellent guide to the occasion with her insider details.

    I've long admired India's easy elegance and sense of style, which is no wonder, as not only is she real royalty (in her connection to the British throne), but also design royalty as daughter of legendary designer David Hicks. Her home in the Bahamas is a lovely mix of British colonial and laid back island style. While it's beautifully styled and arranged, nothing looks too precious to touch and it has a wonderful sense of comfort and ease.

    The gleaming white walls and floor in this open space make it feel airy and even larger.

    Tablescapes are an inherited compulsion—David Hicks claimed to have invented them (or at least the term) and India has continued the tradition.

    David Hicks' iconic fabric prints can be seen throughout the home - the graphic brown and white La Fiorentina on the chairs in the living area (top photos), Hexagon House on the bedroom chair (above) and Herbert's Carnation on the headboard (below).

    Throughout the home there is a lovely sense of harmony with the outdoors, with tropical leaves used to accessorize throughout and little sprigs of fuchsia bougainvillea, "I can never resist a shot of shocking pink," India says.

    Watch a quick glimpse of India's look back at Charles and Diana's wedding on TLC here,
    and be sure to follow her coverage of The Big Day this weekend.

    {Photos: 1-6,8- Domino magazine, June/July 2007; 7,9 - Francois Halard}



    I just heard about her coverage yesterday and I am so excited! Talk about a fashionista (although she seems so down to earth it's hard to call her that.)


    Such a gorgeous home. Bonus its in the Bahamas too.


    Thanks again for the great guest post today! :)


    DB - she really does seem so down to earth and charming, doesn't she?

    Designwali - yes, a Bahamian beach at your doorstep would definitely be a (huge) added bonus!

    Staci - thank you again so much for having me! It was lots of fun! xo


    I've been very much enjoying watching her again as well- miss her on Design Star- she's gorgeous and her voice is mesmorizing. Her home is no different- just stunning!


    Chic elegance so beautiful