Friday, June 5, 2009

    Fabulous Spaces 5.6.09

    I love this glamourous, elegant space - and especially paired with a rather whimsical indoor garden, right on the dining room table. The high ceiling. The large, impactful art in a soft shade. The juxtapose of classical, delicate furniture with mid-century modern. Formal and informal all at once.




    it's fun with the table setting in front of a painting of a table setting. the more you take in the space of that room, the more you see and the more interesting it really is!


    Oooh, very very nice! I would feel quite at home and at ease in that room. I totally agree with the above comment. I think chic, little apartment in Soho - love the touches and am curious as to know if that would be a tulip table - if it is, then I love the room even more :)


    That's funny you say that I thought exactly the same thing - I hope this is a tulip base, it would really add the the contrast with the sofa as well.


    It's a perfect mix between a modern house and traditional decor. Fabulous design. Would love to live here!