Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Passage to the Exotic

    I'm rather enchanted by Micheline Paquette's bright, exotic loft. A romantic blend of Indian, Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese and Tibetan design all combining to create this eclectic and very sexy space. Stepping into this Montreal loft is like taking an exotic, magical trip.

    Micheline thrives on the unexpected, I love her philosophy for decorating, "I don't decorate.
    It just grows. I hate designers' rules about what's supposed to go together."

    The white Barcelona chair is one such purchase - rather unexpected with her Eastern style, yet it blends in beautifully. I love that Micheline's space is full of small vignettes, often appearing in unexpected spaces - such as the Chinese parasols above the contemporary kitchen cupboards.

    "My place isn't done by a decorator to please my guests. It pleases me", says Micheline. A style savvy designer for Louben, she constantly surrounds herself with some of the fashion influences she love the most - jewel toned Indian skirts and saris and intricate Eastern jewelry.

    {All photos: Wish magazine; Photographer: Robert Pelletier}



    The colors are just stunning!!

    tarutuomi said...

    cute blog


    wow, wow, wow! what stunning colors and textures. makes me want to move to morroco and drink hot mint tea while lounging on cushions all day!


    oh that first couch with all those cushions is absolutely gorgeous!


    Great post! Such beautiful decor. I love her philosophy, for sometimes, if we put together the items that we love, somehow, it ends up working! I try to stay true to items I like - I ended up putting an Italian, modern, white platform bed together with a Louis antique, embroidered chair - despite what others may think :) Having fun with items you love and creating your own living space, that is a reflection of your tastes, is the very best way to go~

    rightbank said...

    I love seeing homes like this that really says something about the person who lives in it. It's so original and unique. I love that! It's great to discover your lovely blog!


    Very nice. It looks so comfortable, so lived in. The colors and textures are wonderful. I would like to take a nap on that sofa!