Monday, June 8, 2009

    A Mid-Summer's Dream

    I would have loved to spend the weekend at Ingrid Winter's gorgeous home. Airy and relaxing, it instantly calms you to look at. This would be the perfect place to spend a long summer.

    I love the soft accents - like the pink door - against a very natural and all-white interior. This room is full of beautiful accents - from the dramatic mirror and curtains, to the romantic candelabra and lanterns. Very soft elements juxtaposed with the more rough natural wood in the trunk and exposed beams and branch art.

    Of course, a deep seated lounging area to relax and enjoy the company of good friends,
    or a good book.

    I love the heigh ceiling and exposed beams in this rustic kitchen.

    Doors are replaced with soft curtains throughout the space - adding to the
    relaxed, open feel of the space.

    With an outdoor space like this - dining al fresco on a daily basis would be an absolute necessity.

    {All Photos: Jordi Canosa}



    I absolutely love the detailing on the ceiling!


    you're right, i'd never leave! i love the idea of soft flowy curtains replacing hard doors. perfect :)