Thursday, October 22, 2009

    An all time favourite: Thomas O'Brien's Soho Loft

    Have you ever found there are some spaces are just so perfect that you'd gladly give up your possessions and move right in, as is? That's how I feel about Thomas O'Brien's gorgeous New York loft. It's been decorated in my most favourite soothing palate with crisp whites, cool greys and moody blues contrasted with sharp black detail and warm cognac coloured wood. It seems like the most inspiring space to work and live. Each corner you look at there is something inspirational and beautiful. Thomas has clearly passionate about art and being surrounded by it. There's something unique and personal about this space, I think you'd feel as if you knew alot about him just by spending time there.

    Of course one of my most favourite things in the loft is the fact that it is home to my all time favourite inspiration board. Indigo blue skies, gorgeous black and white photography (Kate Winslet). Moody blues and lavenders are always the palette I'm drawn to and find so inspiring and relaxing. All these inspirational pages and framed art layered with black modern sculptural pieces. I often find sculpture is really under-used in interiors these days. I love the architectural element it brings to a space.

    Soaring ceilings with paneled windows detailed in black let the light flood in. The large natural wood dining table provides a striking focal point in this bright space. The home is filled with layers of art and personal effects however, they are so artfully arranged there is a sense of order and balance. Rather than looking cluttered it looks well curated and edited. Layers of objects become layers of personal meaning.

    This rich cognac wood is incredible, I love how beautifully this stain shows off the grain of the wood. The quirky yet classic coat rack, the black leather egg chair, each piece is so well chosen they are pieces are art independently, rather than compete here they blend beautifully.

    The home is filled with charming little vignettes, each corner of the space has been so thoughtfully created and arranged. Love these custom made tortoise shell glasses.

    I share Thomas' affinity for blue and also have collected blue and white dinnerware and glassware. This use of this central colour theme helps to make this relatively small space seem much larger. There is a great sense of flow and each individual space seamlessly
    blends with the rest.

    Another beautiful vignette - I love Thomas' incorporation of natural materials like this classic woven tray. I love the contrast in texture with the glossy crystal lamp base. And, of course perfectly coordinated blue thistles.

    Like any perfect home, it of course has the perfect little outdoor space. Filled with classic potted shrubs and hedges, comfortable (and of course, colour coordinated) outdoor furniture - complete with two friendly dogs! I'd move in tomorrow...

    {ThomasO'BrienfromHome&GardenNov07, Photographer MartynThompson, Produced MichaelReynolds}



    This is a lovely space!

    Maria Felix said...

    Absolutely stunning, can I move in with you?

    This is how I would want my home. Designed but at every corner lived in and loved.

    Your last few posts have been so inspiring. I'm teetering between this and the "bright and bold" as the most special thing I've seen this week.

    Thank you!


    This is one of my all time favorites! Also adore your recent posts--all amazing eye candy.


    One millions amazing things in that loft. And yet, he keeps it from looking cluttered. Love, love, love.


    MF and Blair - thanks so much for saying that! Your comments never fail to put a smile on my face!
    Hope you have a great weekend x

    Teresa - totally agree, that's what I love about it. So many personal effects but still clean and calm...