Thursday, October 8, 2009

    A Rose-tinted glow

    Warm, rosy neutrals are so inviting when the air is brisk outdoors, but the sun is streaming through the windows. Pale pinks and creams, especially combined with rich golds have such a rich, elegant tone. Cozy neutrals and peachy pink tones make the combination cozy and inviting. If you're not into the typical Fall palette of greens, browns, oranges etc, pale pink combined with cream and tan tones and gold accessories makes the perfect, sophisticated alternative. Ruffles, scallops and rosettes add a bit of fancy detail.

    {Photos:, Rita Konig's bedroom from Domino, AliciaBock}


    Erin said...

    The second image of the rose-tinted bedroom is to die for!




    does that first dress have something akin to doilies all over it?! perfection!