Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Love thy neighbour...

    I was instantly drawn to pictures of the Amsale Aberra's New York loft - all white and bathed in light, it seemed like the perfect retreat. Looking closer, I could see even more why I loved it - the unmistakable mark of Vicente Wolf. My little love affair with Vicente is hardly a secret, I love how he is able to incorporate gorgeous artifacts and art from across the globe in a thoughtful and meaningful way, while still maintaining a clean, open space. Far too often attempts to incorporate these objects run a high risk of looking out of place or looking too much like a curio shop. Vicente blends them seamlessly.
    For Amsale, getting Vicente's design input was simple enough - he's her neighbour! Together they've created a space that I feel really reflects her - an all white space, with even the floors painted with Benjamin Moore's Super White, seems a perfect fit for a wedding gown designer (!), and beautiful, thoughtful photographs, masks and other art from Amsale's native Ethiopia.
    With neighbours like these, who needs friends? :)

    To read a little more about this collaboration, click here. And to see more of Vicente's beautiful work, visit his site and his blog (apart from being one of the most talented designers around, he's also one of the nicest! :) )



    Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

    OBSESSED with every room!!!!

    lavienouveau said...

    ugh! I ADORE this!


    I adore him, too! S O much so...I have been collecting his books and drooling over his work for years...It's nice to find another who adores him and his work as much as I do! Lovely images, darling -- I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! :)

    samiya said...

    i llooove the dining area.. so stately and sooo sleek..


    Thank you Sarah - I know, I'm a little obsessed... glad to know he has this effect on others as well :)

    Definitely agree Samiya - it's a beautiful contrast of sleek + modern with stately + traditional