Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    A fantasy tour: A Fairy Tale Castle: Neuschwanstein

    I've always had a deep fascination with beautiful homes and buildings. I've decided to start a little series here on A Life More Fabulous focusing on inspiring architecture and fantasy homes and spaces. Far too often as grown-ups we're kept locked inside the grounds of practicality and reason, our immediate world forms the basis of what we believe is possible. I think it's important to take a step outside the box every now and then, and realise the amazing wonders and magical spaces that exist all over the world, maybe even around the corner. Maybe it will even inspire you to turn some of your own fantasies into a reality also.

    For the first post in a series on fantasy homes, I thought I'd start at the very beginning, with my very first dream house. Like all aspiring princesses, the ultimate fairy tale castle would be the obvious choice, so nothing fits the bill quite like the Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany. Used as the inspiration for the iconic Disney castle it's become so familiar to many of us, without us even knowing its name. I remember being so disappointed I couldn't go through the whole castle at Disney World, so here's a small chance to take a peak into the ultimate fairy tale castle.

    There really is nothing subtle about Neuschwanstein, the interiors, like the exterior are all created with a vision of grandeur and splendor. Intricate woodwork, mosaics and lavish murals cover almost every surface in the castle. In the lower hallway (below) high vaulted ceilings and marble mural portals astonish you with their opulence while silently showing you the history of the castle and its past inhabitants.

    Dark oak panelling is a predominant feature interiors - intricately carved florals frame the portraits and murals that adorn each wall. Rich gold accents are lavished throughout the space in the gold-leafed murals and opulent chandeliers. Clearly the designers behind this space wanted to convey a message of extravagance.

    Many of the murals throughout the castle convey the romantic imagery of popular legends such as the story of Tristan and Isolde, featured in the King's bedroom. Another prominent theme in the sculpture and murals of the castle, is the legend of The Swan Knight (seen in the mural below). A King sailing in on a giant scallop driven by a regal swan -just that kind of romantic scenery that surely is fixture in any fairytale Princess's bedroom.

    See the romantic swan imagery in the upholstery and stained glass in the small
    sitting area off the bedroom (below).

    Of course, I saved one of the best for last - a magnificent kitchen with state of the art technology of that day and big enough to host a King-sized banquet. Perhaps a fairy-tale Royal wedding? I love the soaring vaulted ceilings.

    Perhaps castles are the stuff of girl-ish fantasy but I still swoon at the sight of perfect peaks cresting above the mists of the mountains. There's just something magical there...

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    Amazing!! Thanks for the mini escape. xo


    What fun! I've never seen the castle that inspired the Disney beauty. So incredibly magical!


    I thought so too - hope it brought you a little magic x


    Just found your blog- it is lovely! These photos are gorgeous- love all of the beautiful architecture and decor! Looking forward to reading more of your fabulous posts :) XO


    Brunch at Saks - thank you so much for such a sweet comment! I hope you'll come back soon. x


    That last picture is breathtaking! It looks so magical.

    Inspiring post!


    There most definitely is magic and plenty of it....Gorgeous, xv.


    Viki and Cinnamon so glad you both caught a bit of the magic also, hope you're having a wonderful day!


    the last image is amazing!