Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Pink + Chevron

    I love the combination of pale pink and white in this graphic chevron print. The combination is strong and bold, yet soft and understated all at once. Seems like the perfect combination of modern and feminine.

    East Village bedding by Rubie Green

    Zig Zag notepad by Linda & Harriett in Berry

    {Photos: RubieGreen, Linda&Harriett}



    Hi! You have a lovelt collection of photos here. I adore the ballet-lucky you! Enjoy the evening!!


    Lovely pictures to look at on a rainy afternoon! Thanks!


    Thank you Waxy and Sepia - hope you're having a lovely afternoon!


    Hey are you?Saw the note you left me, are you in Toronto,cause I am in Hamilton,let me know!!! Till then,all the best,Chrissy


    Thanks for the comment!
    I do love ritzy looking ikea things. I'm constantly looking for an ikea hack to make the perfect mirrored dresser or end table, but, le sigh, this is not an easy thing to make look classy.
    I'm adding you to my feed for sure, your blog is pretty nifty!


    That print is simply divine!

    Heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

    beautiful. and lovely post.


    Thanks Katiemade, I'd love to see this mirrored dresser once you're done!
    Chrissy, yes I'm in Toronto :)
    Kristin + Heather, thanks so much for saying so, it means alot!