Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    For the walls: bright + bold

    Especially after the beautiful kilim rug from Joost's dining room yesterday, I've been thinking that the perfect remedy for grey autumn skies may be a warm, brightly coloured home. I can never resist all white, but I can't deny that there's just something so happy and energetic about a colourful space. Vibrant, happy art may just be the perfect way to incorporate colours into your decor for those who are a little afraid of a big commitment to a strong colour.

    An airy loft looks warm and inviting with colourful art and warm wood. This rich-hued, rustic dining table just seems to invite long dinners with delicious food, friends and wine.
    >Sara Story is never one to shy away from colour, this bold crimson headboard in her bedroom, paired with this bright bold art, brings it to life and adds an extra 'pop'.
    {Photos:Unknown from ApartmentTherapy, Sara Story's home from Domino}



    A very colorful and personal home!

    Have A Lovely Day! XX Nicky :)


    I couldn't agree more, warm colors are a definite cure to cloudy skies. I like the painting too. Is it me, or does the woman look like Julia Roberts? Lol


    love these, i too did a wall post today, funny. what's so much fun is that we can change out our walls any time we feel like it. completely changing the look and feel of any space. i just love that!


    Thanks Nicky- hope yours is lovely too!
    Adrienne - lol, now that you mention it, you're totally right! I thought she looked familiar...
    AG - great minds... I'm headed off to see what lovely things you have on walls today as well :)


    the art work in that space MAKES it.