Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Happy Weekend!

    Weekends always hold such an air of excitement and freedom that you can never really achieve on any other week day. All of a sudden the door is open to fun and frolic.
    But first, there's important business at hand.
    On my weekend list of things to do:

    1. Lots of calls to make, catching up with old friends and preparing for a night out.
    (Disco dancing this evening.)

    2. Patrolling the park in a leopard print coat and eating Cracker Jack.
    (I'm on squirrel duty.)

    3. Finally finding the perfect hat.
    (or lamp shade)

    4. Putting my best face forward and hitting the town in style.
    (arm in arm)

    5. Perfecting the pillow fight
    (and later - the pillow talk.)

    A woman's work is never done...

    Hope you're off to a sparkling, fun-filled weekend!

    {Photos:CarlaBruniandToddGordonby MichaelO'BrienforNewYorkMagazineAugust89}



    This post is adorable. My favorite movie! I think I'll go watch it now. Have a fun weekend


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    I just don't know how I could have missed this jazzy itinerary over the weekend! I hope you got everything accomplished {such fun!}



    It was a busy flurry of a weekend but managed to get quite a bit accomplished ;)


    Hope your weekend was lovely too!