Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Lovely + Lustworthy

    I'm quite smitten with this lovely little chair from Serena and Lily - soft grey linen with copper buttons, traditional tufted back and sculpted wooden legs. I think this belongs in my bedroom. In fact, if it would only come home and live with me, I'd even promise not to hide it under a heap of clothing. I'm further convinced of the fact that this chair and I belong together, by its name - the Sparrow chair, this is a nickname of mine at work given to me by co-worker. Little Sparrow chair, you and I will be so happy together...



    I'm kinda loving the chair, but especially the Moroccan puff/table, it's fabulous.


    I LOVE this chair!
    How are you, darling?


    Cinammon -Isn't the little puff just gorgeous - especially in that rich cognac shade?

    Gintare - so lovely to hear from you! I've wondered how you were xo


    The chair is gorgeous and I love the pouf in that colour - very yummy.