Thursday, November 26, 2009

    A Thanksgiving Vist by Kate Spade

    Having the time to get together and catch up with close friends and family is the best thing about the holidays. Far too often we're swept up in the busy-ness of life, time with our loved ones often ends up being relegated to quick phone calls and hurried meetings. Holidays remind us to take a moment to pause and look around us, to be thoughtful and thankful.

    Happy reunions - and immediate smile that grows when you see those familiar faces,
    the happy laughs and hugs that follow...

    Having the time to catch up, relax and reconnect. Sharing secret thoughts and wishes.

    A toast - to life, love and happy occasions!

    And of course, posing (often begrudgingly) for those family photos that capture all those moments and make you smile to look back on.

    To all my American friends, hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving!

    {Photos: VisitingTennessee, KateSpadePaperPursuitsviaTechnicolorPostcards}



    The image with the younger girl and older woman is so sweet. Elegant!


    lovely images! hope you have a beautiful day!


    What an elegant way to celebrate life and Thanksgiving.
    Happy Thanksgiving (unlike your beautiful images, I am wearing my muddy boots after a long walk in the woods..


    I love these images, and the things you mentioned are what makes Thanksgiving wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful day!


    Such lovely images! A very fun collection...Hope you have a wonderful day :)


    Hope you all are having a wonderful day too! xo

    Francine - your outdoor walk sounds like the perfect way to spend a beautiful autumn day as we've been having.