Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Shades of greige

    While nothing can beat the drama or clarity of simple black and white, far too often I find myself drawn to calm, soft shades of greige. That delightful combination that comes in so many different hues ranging from a grey blue to mushroom brown to lavender, storm grey (always a favourite of mine!). It effortlessly blends to create the type of relaxing, neutral spaces that instantly take down your stress level a notch and set a tone of calm and comfort. Because neutrals can often be seen to be bordering on boring, bright metallics, rich textures - furs and animal hides, and dark espresso or black accents add a bit of edge and sophistication.

    Dara Caponigro's bedroom would definitely make my list of all time favourites - and is big inspiration behind my current bedroom. Topped off with a Ventian chandelier and a soft grey cowhide rug... amazing...

    Dark espresso details - like the trim around the windows and a simple, striking pedestal ground the space and add a bit of a masculine touch.

    I always find mushroom grey looks so sophisticated in plush rich fabrics like velvet (above and see last photo).

    I love Larry Laslo's use of dramatic art in this space - the striking black stone sculpture is my absolute favourite thing in the room. (Find more beautiful stone sculpture here.) This room has been on my inspiration board for over a year - I don't know if I'll ever tire of it.

    What's not to love about this beautiful space - shiny mirrored dressers and accents in robin's egg blue and chocolate.

    {Photos: 1-DaraCaponigro'shomeinDomino, Domino, HickoryChairviaLifeinaVentiCup,
    LarryLasloinStyleatHome HouseBeautifulviaCoco+Kelley}



    hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog and I really like what I've read- so trust that I'll be back often now! I'm a new blogger and am frequently updating my blogroll, so would love to put you on it!

    Your posting today caught my eye as I also love shades of greige - thanks for sharing!


    City Girl Chicago -


    How elegant!
    I am currently obsessed, well the past few years, with Belgian interiors...lots and lots of greige linen. Divine!


    So true Abby - you've inspired me to go look up some old favourites as well. Love simple, clean linen.

    Thank you so much Cara, I'm so happy you came by! I really appreciate it and you taking the time to leave a comment. x


    This color is positively perfect! It's modern and sophisticated and SO soothing!

    Yes, a wonderful choice :)



    Just came across your blog...absolutely LOVE the bedroom pic the best!


    Gorgeous! Some of my favorite hues. Great choices for pics!


    Beautiful interior design!

    Lovely blog!


    Thanks Crystal and Paula for saying so!! x
    Dylana and Geezees - thanks so much for coming by and for leaving such sweet comments! I do hope you'll stop by again! x