Friday, February 4, 2011

    Outdoors in...

    I'm always a fan of bringing the outdooors in, however, our current outdoor conditions could easily be experienced by simply sticking your head in the freezer and I had something a little calmer, and greener in mind. I continue to be completely amazed by French botanist Patrick Blanc's amazing vertical gardens - his creations first captivated Paris and are now reaching cities across the globe. They continue to prove that nature really is the best art of all.

    {Photos: Patrick Blanc via Beach Bungalow 8 + Design Love Fest}



    i love this.
    i did a post on living walls
    and the one of the liv. walls was in a nyc coop.
    it was outstanding.
    but like this one is even better.
    very cool.

    Shannon Echlin said...

    Frig, I want one! This is great!


    That's pretty freakin amazing to live in a place like that. Could you imagine? The beauty.


    Hi and thanks for dropping by Mosaicology. I appreciate your visit and your comment.


    O my. So lush! You can almost hear rain-forest sounds.

    That lady with the book should be facing the other way!

    Brodsky Organization said...

    I'd love to try something like this in my NYC coop . I'd be afraid of mildew and there a type of plant or moss that you would recommend using?

    I definitely love the feng shui and feel of how to you did this room.