Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Thrill of the find

    Earlier this week, I was excited to have a chance to visit some of my favourite antique and thrift shops, always one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. While I came home empty handed, there's still something so fun just in the process of looking, hunting for that hidden treasure.

    I am feeling quite envious of these little treasures found in the Paris flea markets by Garance Dore - a vintage camera and YSL scarf, and a rather elegant sculptural lamp.

    {Photos: Garance Dore}



    Hidden treasures are always so lovely. I think "Why the heck would anyone ever give this up?" But then I'm not going to argue that they do.


    I love rummaging through flea markets and such. A couple of months ago I did find a vintage Gres scarf for $5.00

    Emma at The Marion House Book said...

    wish we could find things like that here!


    I love vintage and antique shopping! Wished you lived closer and we could go together. I have found a few great finds over the years, and have often wondered, why is this here? I scooped up a really chic bag, very Céline style, that appears to never have been used in sunshine yellow, very warm, for $5... I couldn't believe my eyes... and also, a floor length black velvet coat, handmade, for $100, with a perfect fit. Belted up with a skinny belt, it has been a winter favorite, truly! And so nice to have something unique, of course.

    Keep on the lookout :)
    Have a restful, lovely weekend,



    stunning lamp!


    I also love flea markets. I went to one in Buenos Aires that is very unique.
    happy Sunday


    DB - definitely don't argue. Sometimes treasures are best served when they're enjoyed for a while then passed along to someone else

    David - great find! Hope you're enjoying it!

    Emma - me too! All the more reason to go back to Paris then!

    Sarah - oh I would love that! The bag and coat sound really lovely - makes it so much more fun to tell the story of how you found them rather than simply walking into a shop and buying something from their display.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend - happy Family day!