Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Wanderlust: Hotel St Paul, Montreal

    Discovering Fuschia- l'epicerie fleur, has had me thinking about all the wonderful possibilities in Montreal and exploring some of their beautiful boutique hotels. The Hotel St Paul had such a contrast of warmth and cool, fire and ice - a little bit of drama flair that seems to suit the city so perfectly.

    {Photos: Hotel St Paul}



    I just did a post about a Montreal based designer- funny. This place is beyond gorgeous- I'm definitely overdue for a trip to this amazing city!


    Oh, so gorgeous! I would love to sit in those chairs in front of the fire... looks like a great spot for conversation! xo


    Thanks for the post. My friend's son goes to Mc Gill and I am planning to go with her next month to visit him. Will check out the hotel.

    kalynor said...

    I sat in this exact same spot in front of the fireplcace!! Its a beautiful hotel, and its true Montreal has an amazing array of places to see and visit, it's a city of design and culture, i love it!


    I love my city which has these little tresures. If in Montreal do try Olive and Gourmando, a great little lunch place:)


    Christine - must be something in the air at the moment... great minds ;)

    Oh lovely Francine - hope you have a wonderful visit!

    Kalynor - how fun that you were in this exact spot! Glad you loved it.

    Sabby - thanks for the tip! Will definitely make a note to check it out next time I'm in Montreal :)

    Jon Flooring said...

    What a great idea for inspiration! Montreal is a wonderful place to visit and from which to take inspiration and to take it from Sabby, this Twig Chandlier at Olive and Gourmando looks pretty cool too.

    You've all given me a lot of food for thought.