Thursday, February 24, 2011

    Tibi: Spring 2011

    If the images over the past few days are any indication, lately I've been growing impatient waiting for Spring and longing for warm breezes, light fabrics, simple forms and bare legs (and no coat!). The Spring 2011 collection by Tibi fits the bill just perfectly - classic, timeless designs in neutral shades with a few pops of bright, saturated colour (including an orange-red - my favourite for summer pedicures!)

    {Photos: Tibi Spring 2011}



    Love the easy flowing look of these summer i am looking at my snow covered courtyard


    Love Tibi always buy a few things from their the colors and easy looks here.


    Very nice and wearable!The fabrics are so breezy and fall with nice lines.


    Francine -Perfect inspiration for a snowy morning!

    Enchanted Home - lovely! Have to admit I discovered them more recently, but really love their classic simplicity!

    David - completely agree, some fashion just seems too impractical to really enjoy wearing often. These ones I feel would be in heavy rotation.


    Love all the dresses on the lefthand side!

    manvi @ mochatini said...

    totally wishing and longing for spring too. my lil toes are dying for a springtime nail color.
    your post perked up this cold winter morning.


    Glad to hear it Manvi - here's wishing for an early Spring (and pedicures!) for both of us!

    SH - no need to get side-ist about it! ;)