Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    Fabulous Spaces: The Stylist at Home, Susie Sheffman

    Take your favourite object and turn it into a room - that's exactly what Susie Sheffman did with her favourite Miu Miu belt. With it's bold chocolate brown, orange and yellow graphic tones, it provided the perfect colour scheme for Susie's home. This beautiful space has been one of my favourites since I first saw it in Canadian House and Home last year.

    As the fashion director of Fashion Magazine, Susie has seen her share of fads and trends come and go, so she tries to focus on classic styles that are "modern and quintessential". The white Barcelona chair, the waterfall coffee table, the Eames lounger - to name just a few at a glance, her home is a gallery of midcentury iconic pieces all in simple, neutral tones. They provide the perfect backdrop to show off trendier styles - like the citrus hued accessories.

    Of course I was immediately drawn to this home with it's all white interior (Benjamin Moore, Decorator's White), and graphic black and white Marimekko pillows. I have a similar look at home with all white and Ikea's Hedda cushions. Susie's sees the zebra print rug as 'the little black dress' of modern decor.

    Susie's other inspiration for her space was one of her very favourite destinations - Palm Springs. She admits to an obsession with water and pools, you can see this reflected in the shots of aqua and of course through all the water inspired art. Above the fireplace, the photo was an outtake from a fashion shoot at a Palm Springs pool taken by friend Adam Levitt.

    I love this bold, colourful statement - so simple but such a powerful way to make an impact and showcase your colour theme. This would be a very simply DIY tip to try at home.

    Susie has collected this lovely rainbow of vintage glass over her trips to Palm Springs. They look so pretty sitting in the window of her dining room.I love this perfect little Miu Miu dress hung so artfully on the closet door. Of course, right next to it there's a lovely big beach photo hung in a simple gallery frame.

    Black and white make a powerful statement, but in this all white bedroom with the mirrored wall behind the headboard, the simplicity of this combination is calming. A perfect place to end or begin your day.

    I've been so inspired by the simple, chic style of this space. And what's best of all - it would very attainable to achieve with a selective eye and a clean, simple theme.



    Love love love the Mui Mui dress.


    Loooove that dress!


    It really is the perfect party dress - sexy, fun and playful!